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Let's face it, I'm a pretty small fish in a pretty big pond, and I can't boast the most record-breaking stats. What I can boast is a unique voice, individual thoughts and a fierce love of all things beauty, as well as being an advocate for mental health and a lover of anything lifestyle. 

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  • I will retain creative freedom over my writing and won't accept any pre-written posts, nor specific wording.
  • I don't often post negative reviews so likely won't publish a post if I don't get on with the product - don't worry, I'll be in touch to let you know if I end up disliking the product.
  • Content will be posted to suit my own schedule but we can discuss this if need be. Especially when reviewing an item, I will need several weeks to thoroughly test it out.
  • Gifted products will be marked with a * and brand collabs will be clearly disclaimed in the post.
  • Note that I do use affiliate links and widgets. As a reader, affiliate links don't cost you anything! It just means I get a small percentage of the sale. You don't have to use my links and widgets if you don't wish to, but every little helps.
  • I will use only my own photography.
  • I won't edit old posts to add in your company/product etc.
  • I am a cruelty-free blogger, therefore I won't accept items from brands selling in China or otherwise testing on animals. 


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