Sunday, 28 April 2019

The Future of Amanda Jayne (and Where to Find Me!)

Hi gang!

It's been a while since I posted, and after a lot of thinking I've made some decisions regarding my content on Amanda Jayne as a blog and a YouTube channel. 

The long and short of it is: my blog & channel are on hiatus and I'll be making 2019 the year of Little Jayne Doe video content making. Whilst I had every intention of continuing to make YouTube content for Amanda Jayne, I find myself less passionate about filming. Do I still love makeup? Absolutely. I'm still always buying and trying new products, and I have so much fun creating looks. But blogging and YouTubing - about makeup or even lifestyle -, is just not that fun for me at the moment.

I'm working really hard on creating content for my crime channel - Little Jayne Doe - so that I can upload twice a week, and honestly? I don't feel I have the time for anything else. I spend so much time researching, scripting, filming and editing for the channel that it takes up the majority of my time. But I love it, and I believe what I'm doing is important. I've also had the pleasure of watching my (small) sub count turn into this supportive and caring community, and I'm so proud. I hope that it continues to grow.

This is by no means the end of my blog, or AJ channel entirely. I'm just looking to explore other medias this year. I'll probably still post here from time to time, just less frequently and probably not to a schedule. I hope you stick with me when it comes to my new ventures.

I'm not particularly active on Twitter now as I actually find it a bit toxic and can't decide whether to delete my account there altogether, but you'll find me on my LJD channel and Instagram. If any brands are looking to get in touch, I won't be creating content for the blog and my blog's YouTube, but if anything is pertaining to my Instagram you can contact me on:, or if it pertains to LJD, you can email me at:

I hope to see you on Little Jayne Doe.


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