Friday, 10 August 2018

Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics: RTW Lip Tars

OK, first off, am I late to the game? Fuck yeah. Have OCC probably shut up shop as a brand? Yeah, most likely (unless they're plotting some exciting, secret re-brand). 

But, here I am with a post for you talking to these cool little products. Now, back in my day, when I was first discovering makeup, Leesha from xsparkage was one of the first people I ever watched and is probably unconsciously where my love of coloured make-up came from. She's still one of those YouTubers I adore and binge-watch, and the only one I still really watch from my teen years. I felt I 'grew out' of everyone else, but Leesha still remains - so to the point. I remember her using OCC Lip Tars a lot in her looks, but at the time I never got into them - I found them kinda messy and annoying, as the lip-gloss tube back then was the squeezy kind and very misleading. You needed a lip brush - you couldn't just apply from the tube. So in recent years I've noticed the Ready to Wear version and I've thought on and off about trying them. I remember the formula didn't really dry, so I was worried I'd hate them - to put it bluntly. Especially in the last couple of years since NYX released a similar product, the Liquid Suede line, which are a pigmented, bold product that doesn't set, much like the Lip Tars. 

Then, there I was, browsing at make-up online where I noticed a bunch of the Lip Tars were marked down to just a fiver a piece (adding further to the speculation that the brand has closed), so, after looking at the swatches on Google and finding some really beautiful colours, I decided, what the fuck, why not. I ordered a shit ton of shades and I really wanted to share my thoughts on the line with you today.

First off - the new packaging is ten times easier to use. You can just apply it straight to your lips. Be warned the formula does pick up dry skin and cracks, especially the lighter shades, so make sure to thoroughly prep your lips first! Alternatively, a lip liner will likely help you fix the feathering and sinking into lines that can occur. The products do feather sometimes beyond the lip line - I find this mostly with the more intense shades but it's pretty minimal. One tip I'd recommend is blotting your lips down before you eat/drink to avoid getting lipstick in your teeth. In fact, if you'd prefer a less intense, heavy look, you could just blot the product down in general. 

The colours are intense and pigmented, and I love wearing them in photos in particular, although I'm slowly getting used to their non-matte finish for wearing out and about. They don't have the best wear time on the planet, but that's to be expected of any product that doesn't fully dry down. They do last relatively well upon blotting, but I love the whole impact of the shade being freshly applied and glossy.

Am I 100% sold on the formula? Not quite. They're still a bit messy and I do have to worry about them unlike a matte lip, but I'm glad I picked them up even if I end up wearing them mostly for photos, I've got some gorgeous colours from yellow, green, blue and more 'ordinary' shades. Do I kinda a little bit love them? Yeah, more than I thought I would. Weird as well that I'm still not into the Liquid Suedes...

You can find OCC's Lip Tars in the links below and also here, where some shades are still available for super cheap!


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