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My Holy Grail Beauty Products: The Eyes Edit

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In case you missed it, last month I kicked off my 'holy grail' beauty series by talking about my favourite, best of best base products which you can read about here. Today, I want to continue on with this series by talking about eye products - I feel like eye products were some of the easiest to come by, especially in comparison to base products. With eyes there's plenty of opportunities to get it right, and I always feel drowned with all the choices available in both the drugstore and from high-end labels. I think I have a nice mix of both in this case, and hopefully you'll find something you want to try!


OK, so, I've been through my fair share of eyeshadow primers. I've tried and tested ones that cost £1, to ones that cost £10 - which, although not extremely extravagant, is definitely a big price difference. Enter the Urban Decay cult-favourite Eyeshadow Primer Potion, probably the only eye primer that I'll ever use again. It's more expensive at £17.50, but I've had mine for about a year now and I've still not finished the tube. Whether it's drugstore, high-end, matte, satin or shimmer, I find everything sticks without issue to this amazing tube of magic. Here you can read my first impressions.


There isn't a lot of eyeshadows I'm willing to pay £8-£10 for a pop, but Sugarpill's are definitely one of them. In a range of matte and shimmer shades, these beautiful shadows cater for all the needs of a colour junkie like myself, as well as mainting a few pops of neutrals for those who prefer to play it safe or smoke it out. If I'm honest, I do struggle to blend some of them out - in particular I find Love+ and Velocity to be the two that need a lot of work if used as a crease shade, but using a transition shade will help aid this. My only real complaint about the line is that Sugarpill on the whole are a brand who discontinue old colours to make way for new ones, so if you find a favourite, I recommend you stock up! I did this with Acidberry, my favourite lime green! Check out my initial thoughts here, and my collection so far in this post.


When it comes to drugstore vs high-end eyeshadows, I often find the drugstore is just as good nowadays. The only eyeshadows I think really out-perform drugstore - and, tbh, high-end - brands, is Violet Voss. Whether it's their mattes or shimmers, they're all buttery, easy to apply, easy to blend and overall just a dream to work with. I find the bright purples and oranges are just as pleasant to use as the golds and bronzes, and this palette is just dreamy, filled with bronze shades; golds; oranges; purples and pinks. It also contains the best matte black I've ever used! Next on my list is the Flamingo palette which, as I'm writing this, is yet to drop but looks beautiful. I talked about this palette here.


Yet again, I'm in love with the quality of Jeffree's eyeshadows. Although this is the only palette I own (so far), it's one that I reach for so often as it contains shades I love - a neon pink, plenty of reds, a perfect coral and some deep plums, as well as bits of gold and bronze. I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favourite shade, as they're all stunning and perform beautifully on the eyes. Plus - the packaging is divine! Jeffree made a real winner with this one. Check out my full review here.


I've mentioned these gorgeous things time and time again, but lately I've been really loving liquid eyeshadows as they're super easy to use and look so effortless. I tend to apply a few crease eyeshadows and then pop a liquid shadow onto the lid - the Primark ones are great too, but I don't think they're sold anymore (at least not in my local). The Lid Lingerie line boasts a range of beautiful neutrals with a few pops of colour and one of my favourite products of all time, especially if I don't have time for an elaborate eye look. I think this is a great go-to for when you wanna look good without giving up those extra 20 mins in bed. Check out my post on the shade Sweet Cloud here, and my mention of them for an easy, fuss-free beauty look here.


Another product for an effortless, quick look, Kiko's Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks are the stuff of dreams. Quick and easy to apply and blend, and pigmented within seconds, these also make a great base for those trickier eyeshadows - I love to apply my cobalt blue one under Sugarpill's Velocity as it means I don't need to spend as long building the product up and correcting any patchiness that's come from my hasty application. In a wide array of pearl-tones; plus shimmers and mattes, there's something for everyone in this collection. I'm waiting on a bunch of primary and secondary tones from this line - I'd love to see a bright, bold, matte orange, yellow, red, green... Give me all the colour! I've popped this on under Velocity here - it was actually a challenge to get off!


If I was stuck on a desert island with about five make-up products, I'd probably pick this Coastal Scents gem as one of my favourites. Filled with purples, pinks, a beautiful white shimmer highlight, a bold gunmetal and a stunning metallic red, this palette is a dream for me. It's also not a huge palette so it's easy to pop in your make-up bag for travelling overseas. This contains all of my favourite shades, as a purple eye with this palette is my go-to for when I'm stuck in a rut. Blendable, gorgeously opaque to apply and generally just pigmented and easy to work with, I have no complaints about this bargain palette. Check out a look I did with this palette here, and an in-depth look at it here.


When it comes to making a statement for a night out or if you just want to add a little something-something to an otherwise plain look, eye toppers are your best friend. I'm obsessed with these stunning offerings from Topshop but I believe they've been discontinued, which is a shame as they have a gorgeous duochrome effect that makes them stand out from most glitter toppers. Luckily, glitter toppers are all the rage right now and they're so easy to use - you can find them by Stila, Lottie London, Barry M, and Urban Decay. Check out this post for more info.


Although a fairly recent purchase of mine, I felt like I had to include these beautiful new launches from Lottie London that I've been obsessed with. I think Lottie are such an underrated brand in the drugstore as they produce some really out-of-the-box, gorgeous products including these glitter toppers. Available in four shades - a purple/pink, bronze, silver and blue -, they're incredibly easy to pop on and work with, and can take your look from day-to-night within seconds. See me wearing the purple/pink shade 'Savage' here.


Although these will be primarily featured in my 'lips' holy grail post, I wanted to mention them here as these pigmented, bold, eye-safe products are incredible for putting on the waterline. Long-lasting and opaque, I love to use all the bright colours to match my eye looks - it also means I basically never really need to buy an eye pencil ever again. These are so long lasting and there's a shade for whatever eye look is your favourite. Here, here, and here are just some of the examples I have of using the product in the waterline.

What products have made it into your holy grail eye products?


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