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Fuss-Free Beauty Picks

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Regardless of whether you're in the midst of a heatwave or not, some mornings you jut don't have time or energy to deal with a full-face of product that you need to maintain through the day. In today's post I wanted to share with you some of my favourite picks for if I'm either rushing about, proper can't be arsed with a full-face, or if you just need to pep up your skin and look presentable through the day with minimal effort.

Starting off with your base, obviously this is the one that you need to look A++, as everything else is going on top of it. I've been loving giving my skin a bit of a pick up with a liquid highlighter, by either mixing it with my foundation or dabbing some on top of it. My go-to pick is the stunning
Hocus Focus Flaw-Softening Iluminator by Soap & Glory, as it adds a gorgeous glow to even my more matte and heavy-duty foundations. Alternatives are the 17 Skin Wow! if you're lucky enough to have snagged a bottle in the 17 sale, or Barry M's Light Me Up! Liquid Highlight which is like liquid rose gold for your face and is mind-blowing. I've been obsessed with adding one of these illuminators to the skin as it lifts my fairly tired and lacklustre face and makes the rest of my make-up look even better as it's on top of flawless skin.

For foundation itself, I've been surprisingly using my Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick loads! I did an initial review of the product here during my month of daily blogging in May, I'm generally someone who makes their mind up about a product and doesn't really change it, and I do agree with a lot of what I already wrote, and while I'm still a die-hard liquid foundation gal (and the owner of 10 bottles of 17 Stay Time foundation to prove it), I've been enjoying reaching for this on days where I proper CBA or don't require a heavy foundation. I make sure to powder down my t-zone and I always apply concealer instead of foundation to my nose as the foundation doesn't sit well on my skin there, but other than that, I have to admit I'm enjoying using it. Nice coverage and quick application makes it easy and effortless to use in the mornings. I may end up repurchasing this after all, as I've actually been reaching for it a lot when creating make-up looks for Insta or here on the blog.

Lastly, I'm all about bronzing, contouring and highlight the crap out of my skin right now. I used to only ever wear highlight on occasion up until a few years ago, and I rarely bronzed, never mind contoured. In recent years I've become a huge fan of doing it all and one of the easiest to use, go-to products I own is CYO's The Radiant One Bronzing & Illuminating Compact. Containing two gorgeous highlight shades and a bronzer in the centre, it adds a subtle glow and a nice bronzed tone to your complexion. I'm a big fan of the lazy, swirl-your-brush-in-everything approach to this product, and I use it with a fluffy, Real Techniques blush brush. I still use a separate highlighter cos a) I'm all about that shiny stuff on my face and b) I find this can be quite subtle, but I think if you really want a glow and bronze in one product, it may be better to use the shades individually so you can pack on and build up colour.

Although I love my bright and colourful eyes, sometimes it makes a great change to create more laid back and effortless neutral looks. I'm currently obsessed with liquid eyeshadows, as I picked up a bunch from Primark's "Instagirl" range in the sale for 50p each, and they make getting ready a breeze. I usually use some shadows into the crease and focus my liquid shadows on the lid and/or the inner corner, but it's up to you how you use them. Primark bits and pieces aren't always easy to get a hold of, and that's where I'd recommend NYX Lid Lingeries instead. Just as simple and easy to use, they blend out effortlessly and, despite what I read, aren't a sheer wash of colour at all but are easy to pop on for a gorgeous opaque finish. I haven't see anyone rave about these but they deserve all the love, as they last all day and come in a beautiful array of colours (although, NYX, please do some fun ones too!). I currently only own Sweet Cloud but a whole bunch of the other shades have been on my wishlist for the last 8 months! Check out my full review here.

To really make your eyes pop, I find reaching for a sparkly topper all over the lid or just on the inner corner can really pull a look together and make it appear like you made more effort than you actually did. I own all three of the Chameleon Highlights from Topshop which are my go-to product but I believe they have been discontinued (which is gutting, cos they're beautiful! Each has a unique shimmery shift to it). Alternatively, I've been eyeing up the Lottie London glitter eye toppers and I know Barry M have some eye toppers too (although I wasn't as impressed with them upon swatching in Superdrug). Holographic and shimmery eye toppers are still in fashion right now so you're spoilt for choice - there's always Stila if you fancy treating yourself!

Last, but not least, when I'm in a rush I pop on either a trusty liquid lipstick (read about some of my fave nudes here) or more recently, I've been enjoying a basic bullet lipstick particularly a nude one that will fade nicely even if I forget to top up. I won't go into the lipstick bit too much as I literally just did a whole post on this lipstick love, but Primark have some lovely lustre ones out at the moment which give a nice satiny finish and come in a fair few colours. The one I've featured here is called 'Toast' (huzzah for Primark putting names on!).

What are your favourite fuss-free beauty products?


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