Friday, 24 August 2018

A Music Wishlist | August

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This year I've been hella slow when it comes to new music. Usually I like to have a new album every month, but in 2018 I've been mostly listening to singles, and albums haven't been purchased very often at all. I have wishlist of music still to buy, and in this post I thought I'd share the music I wanna get my hands on before the year's out.


I have the three main singles from this album and I love every one of them. I'm a big fan of Gwen and think she is incredibly iconic in the music industry, leading the way for so many. From the singles, I reckon this album is going to be perfectly poppy and well executed, with lashings of emotion. I can't wait to grab it (possibly this month) and get stuck in.


This album has been on my to-purchase list for so long. I've listened to a bunch of the tracks but haven't had a chance to listen to the full album from start to finish. I've been a fan of Sophie since her Murder on the Dancefloor days, and in my eyes she's the princess of pop. I'm also a huge fan of her make-up, especially for shoots and videos - it's always beautiful and creative and I take a lot of inspiration from her looks.


Although I enjoyed Miley's Bangerz phase, I'm glad to see her return to her roots because I think she makes her best music with the country vibes, and I think her voice is beautifully suited to it. Younger Now is a song I'm obsessed with and I love every second of it, while Malibu is gorgeous and seamless. You can't help but well up with emotion when watching Miley sing this live, too. I can't wait to see what further gems Younger Now is hiding. 


The last Paramore album I loved was RIOT! so you can imagine how odd it is for me to finally come back around to them. Although I loved bits and pieces of Brand New Eyes, it really didn't come anywhere close to its predecessor and whilst I get that it's a hard album to follow up, I wish Paramore had switched up their sound much sooner. I found that their sound got old quite quickly and I went off Hayley and co. for years. I think I'm ready to give them another shot though, especially given how much I love the single Hard Times.


Chvrches' The Bones of What You Believe is one of my favourite albums of all time and it's one I still frequently return to and play on repeat. I'm hoping that equally great things will come of their follow-up album Every Open Eye, and unlike Paramore, this is a band whose sound I hope doesn't change too drastically.

What albums do you have on your wishlist?


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