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5 Cruelty-Free Alternatives

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When I made the jump to cruelty-free products last summer, I was lucky in that here in the UK, many of the widely available brands are already cruelty-free, meaning many of my own favourite products had that seal of approval leaping-bunny logo without me having to make any major changes to my collection. Although I used up what was left of a few of my old products - as I didn't really want to waste any and had no one to pass them onto -, I did find some new alternatives, especially in recent months, for some old beloved products.

B. Brush Cleanser | MAC Brush Cleanser

OK, this one isn't new to me, and by now, there's plenty of brush cleaners on the market for you to choose from. I always come back to this one by B. which I bought and reviewed here, as I think it's really effective and super affordable, plus B. is a brand who are built on being cruelty-free. Back when I was first getting into make-up, lots of the drugstore brands like B. and Make-Up Revolution weren't around, and we didn't have Beauty Bay to reach new brands either, so I stuck with the MAC brush cleanser for a long time until finally picking up the B. one in 2016.

Kiko Kohl Pencil 115 | Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Pencil Nude

I always find eye pencils to be such a struggle to find. In recent months, they're definitely a product I haven't bought much as I've been using my Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks instead to line my waterline, but I find that it's super difficult to find a nice, creamy pencil that glides onto the waterline. I've picked up plenty of pencils before that I thought would easily transfer pigment onto my skin, to find out that they drag and leave barely anything! The Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl pencil was my go-to for a flesh-toned eyeliner for years and finding something inexpensive that was just as pigmented was hard-going for a while, until I picked up the Kiko eye pencil whilst in Venice. I think this only cost me about £3 I was delighted to find its creamy and pigmented, transferring well onto my waterline. It makes the eye area much brighter without looking stark and unnatural too, which some pencils can do.

cruelty free dupes, cruelty free alternatives, mac fetish, nyx soft matte metallic lip cream dubai, bourjois metallic lip cream 800, kiko metallic lip colour 12
Top, L-R: Dubai & Fetish / Bottom, L-R: 12 & 800

Kiko Metal Liquid Lip Colour 12 | Bourjois Metallic Lip Cream 800

So, this isn't an exact dupe, but, we're gonna go with it. I recently picked up the Kiko metallic liquid lipstick because, well, I love cool coloured liquid lips, and it wasn't until I got home that I realised it may be a good copy for the Bourjois lip I own. I bought the Bourjois one when they first launched, for some reason under the impression that they were cruelty-free, so when I found out they weren't, I kept my eye on liquid lipstick lines to see if I could find something similar. Although the Bourjois number is a little bit more gunmetal and dark, I still think these are similar enough that I could probably skip the next grey metallic lipstick that I find. Also, I feel in my swatch the Bourjois number come out a tad darker than it actually looks IRL.

NYX Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream Dubai | MAC Frost Lipstick Fetish

Another super similar dupe in colour is NYX's Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream in the shade Dubai, which is very, very close to MAC's Fetish lipstick. Fetish is now discontinued, but is one of the three MAC lipsticks I ever bought back in the day (along with Impassioned and Vegas Volt, if you're wondering!), and I still have Fetish in my photo prop box because it's not my mum's cup of tea. It's a really beautiful frosty bronze shade, and at the time it was extremely unique as metallic lips weren't really a 'thing' and bright or 'odd' lipstick shades weren't kicking about much back then, especially in the drugstore. I'm sure this isn't the only dupe you'll come across, but this is one I have in my collection which I bought with the intention of being a dupe for ye' ol' MAC number. The SMMLC formula is richly pigmented and has a soft, weightless feel on the lips. It is more opaque and less 'frosty' - naturally - than Fetish, but I think it's a pretty good copy nonetheless.

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream | Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream

If there was one thing I was worried about giving up when it came to going cruelty-free, the moisturiser I'd been using since my late teens was definitely up there. I've gone through countless pots of Nivea's Rich Regenerating Night Cream in my time, and I thought I was going to be hard-pressed to find a replacement for it. Except, I wasn't. I walked into Superdrug on a mission to find something and immediately was drawn towards the Vitamin E range. Although my skin is now more combo than simply dry (like it used to be), I still love a good, rich, hydrating moisturiser for the night time (and sometimes in the morning). The Nourishing Night Cream by Superdrug is very, very similar in texture and consistency to Nivea's, with Nivea's perhaps being a bit creamier, but that doesn't affect its performance and it works very well for me. 

What cruelty-free dupes and alternatives do you know about that we might not? 


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