Wednesday, 8 August 2018

26 Blog Post Ideas for Blogging on a No-Buy

25 Blog Post Ideas for Blogging on a No-Buy

When you start blogging, especially when you're in the beauty blogging niche, you suddenly feel the pressure to keep up with everybody and every new product launch, and you quickly learn just how many new collections are released in a year. Sometimes, for the sake of your bank account, you just have to put down the lipstick, step back and think about how much you kinda really need money for a house, a car, for rent, or for any kind of life necessity. But then that fear hits you - what do you blog about without spending cash? It's actually a lot easier to put together a blog schedule on a no-buy than you'd think, and to help matters more I decided to list a bunch of ideas to help you.

  1. Review an old product that you already own but didn't talk about.
  2. Share your wardrobe staples.
  3. Talk about how you style a certain piece of clothing from your wardrobe.
  4. Do a round-up of your monthly favourites - you could specify beauty, or share a whole host of different things.
  5. Share your night/morning routine.
  6. Tell us how you keep on top of your blog work.
  7. Share a playlist of music you've been loving lately.
  8. Show us your make-up collection and/or how you keep it organised.
  9. Got any nifty, time-saving makeup hacks or easy (and safe!) DIY's? Tell us about them!
  10. Do a lookbook of your current favourite outfits.
  11. Do a tag! Like the TMI Tag, 50 Questions You've Never Been Asked, What's in Your Bag, 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty, etc...
  12. Comment on the latest beauty/style trends.
  13. What's your go-to make-up look atm?
  14. If you've gathered enough products from one brand, share what items you think are worth picking up from them.
  15. Perhaps share a seasonal or transitional set of outfits or OOTD.
  16. Talk about your current reading list.
  17. Tell us about your skincare favourites.
  18. Rope in another blogger and interview them.
  19. Share life advice and tips like saving money; moving out; interviews etc.
  20. Tell us why you're on  no-buy and at the end of the month, share how you think it went and how you came up with post ideas.
  21. If you're open enough, share any hardships you've overcome.
  22. Share a beginner's make-up look.
  23. Tell us what tools and brushes you think everyone needs in their make-up bag.
  24. What are your 5 holy grail products?
  25. How much is your daily face worth?
  26. Share a music, style, beauty or home wishlist.

Although I kept most of these beauty-related, you can find more inspo in my 450+ blog post ideas post here. I hope this was of some help! When you really think about it, blogging on a no-buy isn't so hard after all!


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