Friday, 20 July 2018

Rediscovering Lipstick

I'm fairly confident that it's a well-known fact around here on my blog, that I don't tend to wear lipsticks. For the last several years I've been obsessed with liquid lipsticks, preferring the fact that they don't tend to transfer as much and stay in place much longer than a traditional, plain lipstick. But I've found myself changing habits lately - not only have I been loving dewier skin and lots of glow as of late, but I've also found myself gravitating towards lipstick because in this heatwave we're having, the thought of perfecting my full-on overdrawn liquid lip pout just doesn't appeal. I thought I'd share some of my recent lipstick purchases with you, in case you also find yourself unable to do anything but slap on a nude - or, on occasion, pink - lippy. 


I'll be honest, I bought this lipstick mostly cos of the packaging. Not only is it this gorgeous rose-gold that we can all admit is hella pretty and makes a great prop, but I also love that it pops out of the cap - it's so cool! My pal referred to this as the James Bond lipstick because it was so gadget-like. I'm really into ridiculously pale nude lipsticks and this one fits the bill perfectly, being just pale enough to not look weird and wash me out, but to compliment a super bold eye look. Keep an eye on my Instagram for looks featuring this lippy - I'll be sure to link any photos of the lipsticks on in this post throughout.


I picked this up recently looking for any kind of easy, glide-on lip colour that would require no kind of precision to apply. Not only does this lipstick do just that, but it also contains SPF 15 so it's brilliant for this heatwave weather or for popping in your beach bag. Although it's not long-lasting by any stretch of the imagination, the comfortable, high-gloss formula is perfect for gals who are lazy like myself, especially in the heat.


Essence are that budget brand that always draw me in with cute packaging and fun colours. Although I find they can lag a little behind with their releases, they're forgiven for making affordable and beautiful formulas. I'm a fan of their eyeshadows, their Camouflage Concealer, their powders and even their setting sprays, but one thing I've not dabbled in too much is their lip products - this being solely because of how little I wear lipsticks, which is what their lineup tends to be made up of. A kind of cinnamon, warm brownish nude, this lipstick is perfect for adding a fairly sheer coat of colour to the lips, but can be built up to add some more depth. It's formula is quite similar to that of the Collection SPF 15 Lip Colour, and wear time is about the same. Essence offers a much bigger colour selection, however, and also boasts a soft, dessert smell, much like MAC lipsticks do, while Collection boast a mere 6 shades (and I've only found 3 in stores) and a more waxy scent.


I'm fairly certain this is another new line from Collection, either that or I've just been skimming over their lipsticks way too much as I don't recall ever seeing these in store before a few weeks ago. At first I thought these were the same line as the SPF 15 Lip Colour, but that isn't the case. Whilst these don't contain an SPF or a high-shine formula, the range consists of 8 colours in the kind of hues you'd expect - reds, pinks, berries and nudes. Although I haven't seen much of them online, what I have seen doesn't show them in their best light and I find swatches in particular to be lack lustre, despite the fact that these have amazing pigmentation in just one swipe. I first picked up Rich Truffle as another easy-to-wear nude for the hot weather, it's a really basic brownish nude shade, but I was blown away when I swatched Pink Pinata in Boots as I really can't resist a good bright pink! This hot, blue-toned pink is so creamy and opaque, and is just the dreamiest shade of pink. It's my favourite colour of pink lip, and I can't recommend it enough. 

L-R: Spiced Latte, Afterparty, Fudge Delight, Rich Truffle & Pink Pinata

Have you tried any of these lip products?


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