Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Big Beauty Declutter 2018: Part One

I admit it, I fell through the cracks. I've recently been overwhelmed by all the pretty new make-up brands and product launches, especially since I've been having even more fun and experimentation with beauty products for my photos here on the blog, and on Instagram. It got to a point where I realised I had no idea what was in my collection anymore, but I had a vague notion of what exactly I wasn't using.

It's been a year since I last decluttered my make-up stash, which isn't like me, as I try to do it every six months. I got rid of that much though that I'll be splitting this up into a several-part post. Today, I present part one...


A fairly recent addition to my collection, I purchased this foundation from TK Maxx for around a fiver - half the price of its RRP. Although I loved the texture and application of this - I used it with my Real Techniques Complexion sponge -, and despite the fact that I bought it in the fairest shade available, it unfortunately just sits too orange on me for me to be able to use it on a daily basis. It's a gorgeous lightweight product that gives so much natural dewiness, but the shade range is extremely limited which was quite disappointing.


I found this in my secondary make-up bag - i.e. the one I kept at my now ex-boyfriend's when we were dating -, and although I did plan initially on keeping it, I've decided there isn't much point. This palette is a really cute travel size, and contains all the shades you need for a day look - as well as a few to add a smokier edge to your makeup -, I find that I just don't really need any more nude eyeshadows. These palettes from Essence are really lovely in quality - I find them to be pigmented, soft and buttery -, but it really isn't adding anything new to my collection.


As you may be able to tell from the state of the packaging, and the fact that I've hit pan on it, this gorgeous little quad was one of the first beauty products I ever tried when I really started getting into make-up. The bronze and burgundy shades are beautiful and apply really well, complimenting my eye colour amazingly, but it's kinda reached that point now where I don't really reach for it anymore. I held onto it this long hoping to at least finish it up, but I think I may as well just part ways with it now. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up buying a shiny new one somewhere down the line - it's such an easy quad to work with and I love the size of it.


Although I absolutely loved the Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadows last year, I've found myself parting ways with almost all of them in 2018. Are they really lovely? I think so. Although they boast a very limited shade range, I find you can make a bunch of different looks from them. Asteroid was my favourtie of them all, but now I keep only Snow Storm - the white with the unique purple shift that sets it apart from anything else I own. A good budget eyeshadow for those starting out in make-up, I just don't get the use out of these neutral-centred eyeshadows anymore.


Gonna be honest - I really love this product. I think it's amazing, and I even included it in a recent post from May about great budget highlighters. It's fantastic for giving a subtle glow to the face, especially around the t-zone if, like me, you suffer from some oiliness. But although I do still enjoy this product, I've found myself reaching it for less and less, and only really on occasion. Like lip products, highlighters are one of the things I tend to collect a lot of, and I find this gem being overshadowed by brighter, more shimmery products that I prefer.


This was my first blue highlighter that I was super excited about and spoke about in its own post last year, but since writing that post I've obtained several blue-toned highlighters that are part of palettes I've been picking up, and I've found this has been collecting dust at the back of my drawer. A gorgeous shimmery shade that makes me feel like an ice queen, I just don't give this enough love, and I find myself preferring the blues in my recent Primark and Marina & Demme purchases.


The first post Grace Bee and I ever did for our collaboration series 'Budget Vs High-End', was a post on foundation. I included this product as my favourite foundation, which it was, for many, many years. Although it leaned a little orange on me, it wasn't enough to put me off and could often be combated by the likes of pale concealers, giving a dewy finish but also providing me with coverage to my blemished and discoloured skin. In the last year I've gone cruelty-free, so I've stopped buying from the brand. I've also managed to find a cruelty-free base product that I love, and is totally different from this as I generally now favour a full-coverage base.

Another product I've gotten rid of due to its status of not being CF is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal pencil in the nude shade. I love the formula of these pencils as they transfer well onto the waterline, unlike many gel-like pencils that end up leaving no pigment on the more delicate eye areas. But, sadly, Rimmel still haven't joined the cruelty-free beauty club, so I've found a perfect alternative in the Kiko Colour Kajal pencil!


I purchased the Flawless Matte palette years ago on a bit of a whim. I don't use matte formulas that often - and when I do, it tends to be the ones in bright colours, like Sugarpill, or for transitional purposes -, so it's become a bit of a redundant palette in my collection. The only time I tend to use it is if I need a cooler-toned transitional shade for my crease or something. Although a good quality palette, I just don't really give it any love anymore. I also find that as my skills with beauty get better, I feel I can go in to my crease straight away with brighter shades, or without transitional tones etc.

As for the Neutrals VS New-trals palette, I'm a sucker for warm tones, be it pinks, bronzes or reds, and this palette at the time of its launch was unlike most of what I had in my collection at the time. Since then though, I've collected loads of warm tones, especially with the recent release of Jeffree Star's Blood Sugar palette, so I also find that I'm reaching way less for this MUR gem than I used to. It's beautifully pigmented and blends well, so if you're looking to dabble in coral and red shades without breaking the bank, I highly recommend this.

That's a wrap for this post. Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


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