Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Common Blogging Things That Aren't for Me

When it comes to the world of blogging, I've churned out my fair share of posts on advice, tips and how-to's, and it's so easy to write these posts without really thinking. Although I still support the things I've said in these posts, it can be easy, especially in 2018 where it's all so glossy and competitive, to forget that the most fundamental part of blogging is to enjoy it, and to remember that rules are made to be broken and it's OK if not every part of the blogger life are for you. 

In this post, I wanted to talk abut some of the blogging 'rules' that I don't abide by, and discuss some common blog practices that I'm actually not sure is for me.


If there's one rule in life that I hate, it's the 'swearing is inappropriate' crap. I am a potty-mouthed woman and I always have been, and quite frankly I'm often left feeling irritated by people that 'frown upon' or 'disapprove of' swearing. It's just words. While I'll be the first to admit I doubt I'd include swear words in any sponsored posts, and on the whole I mostly curse in the likes of my personal and lifestyle posts than anything else, I really just don't see the big deal about 'curse words' in 2018. As I said, they're just words, and I don't really see the necessity in being offended by 'em.


Ever since I started blogging, I've been repeatedly told how successful blogs have a niche. Personally, I can't do this. I see their point - a lot of bloggers have made it big by specialising in certain things -, but I refuse this notion that you have to blog about the same thing and nothing else to be successful as a blogger. If that's how you wanna blog, then that's great! But if, like me, you can grow bored easily and wanna talk about stuff when the mood hits you, then there is nothing to stop you from doing so, even if you wish to ultimately end up blogging for a job. There are so many people out there making a living off of discussing anything from pregnancy, to lipstick, to SEO - so don't feel you have to pigeon-hole yourself, because I certainly don't.


OK, so, don't get me wrong on this one - free make-up/clothes/homeware every now and then would honestly be so dreamy. But the thing is, I didn't start blogging looking for free products. In fact, I've only accepted one offer in my time and declined less than a handful, because I want to write about the content I want to write about, as opposed to fitting somebody into my schedule at the last minute. I often feel that subjects or products I've wanted to write about for months take priority over any freebies. The reason I've rejected several freebie offers as well (although, granted, they weren't hugely exciting), is that I kinda don't want free stuff for the sake of free stuff. I'm constantly decluttering my beauty stash and it would feel like a waste if I ultimately didn't use or enjoy the product, or ended up getting bored of it. 

That said, I'm not downright dismissing freebies. Obvs if Urban Decay wanna send me a new lip gloss or CYO Cosmetics wanna pop me a bundle of stuff to play with I'd be ecstatic, haha. I just want to be selective about what I accept, though!


Perhaps the biggest thing that 'isn't for me' is the idea of attending a blogger event. Although I have met so many amazing people online, I am hugely socially anxious, especially at an event where lots of people are in attendance and I don't know anyone. Do I like the idea of socialising at blogger events? Absolutely. Am I ready for one? I don't think so. I worry about being 'not what people expect' and that people will think 'you're not as pretty as your photos' or some shit like that and I know it's shallow and 100% my own fears, but I do have a lot of anxiety about this kind of thing. I would like to think that maybe by next year when my life is more settled and I've learned more about myself via counselling, that perhaps I'll be ready to tackle this situation (you know, if I ever get invited to an event, lmaoooo).

Do you agree with anything I've said?


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