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8 True Crime YouTubers to Watch

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As I mentioned in this post, my love for true crime has grown even more in recent months. I'm a big fan of it and always have been, and I actually have YouTubers to thank for finally taking the leap from 'murder mystery fictional shows' to actual real gritty crime. It's gotten to a point where I love to read up on cases on the 'unsolved mysteries' Reddit forum, even though it breaks my heart how many missing people and/or unsolved cases there are in the UK alone - never mind the rest of the world.

In today's post, I want to introduce to you some of the YouTubers I enjoy watching, and hopefully you'll find somebody new to watch.


The absolute queen of true crime, Cayleigh Elise has spoiled me for just about every other YouTuber who does solved and unsolved cases. Her presentation is perfectly executed, and I love the format of her videos as she is very clear even when involving many small details. Her content is very well-researched and in-depth, and she treats every unsolved murder case equally, whether discussing a small child or a criminal whose life was taken. She tends to cover lesser-known cases, too, so you will likely be uncovering a new case from scratch. I also appreciate that she never has her own face in the thumbnails of these crime videos, but simply the victim's.


Rob Dyke is the dude who introduced me to Cayleigh, I believe, and although I've binge-watched my way through most of his channel, I'm finding his current upload schedule a bit annoying. Although a popular YTer with 2 million subscribers, he often takes lengthy time away from his channel since the 'adpocalypse' hit last year on the back of accusations that Pewdiepie was a "white nationalist". He has a fantastic presence when presenting and his voice doesn't hurt the ears either, so I'm hoping for some thorough, new and regular content is on the horizon. You'll find several different series' on the channel, and he covers anything from detailed profiles of serial killers; unsolved disappearances and murders; creepy urban myths; paranormal encounters; and even the likes of odd photos online. Anything creepy, Rob's on it.


Criminally Listed is probably up there as one of the true crime channels I watch the most. It's detailed and well-researched, and often sheds light on cases you knew, but didn't know much about. They cover lots of lesser-known cases, however, too. My only real complaint is that I do find the narrator's voice a bit too flat. I'm not sure when it became a trend on YouTube for the true crime community to remove all emotion from their voices when narrating, but I've noticed it on a lot of channels. However, hopefully this doesn't dissuade you from watching it as the people behind it clearly work hard, put a lot of effort in, and make regular uploads, and you can usually learn loads from their content.


I really love FastFaction as they've covered some seriously interesting cases. My favourite episodes of theirs are the '5 Missing People Who Eventually Turned Up Alive' series, and the '5 Mysterious Unsolved Cases' series too. I find it refreshing, since I watch so much true crime, to find videos on cases that are solved or the missing turn up alive and well. As for their 'unsolved cases' series, I find they talk a lot about cases I've never heard before - the Magdalena Zuk case on episode 6 is particularly horrifying, and I'd never heard of it up until watching the video. The only downside of the channel is that they very rarely upload now.


Top5s is another in-depth and well-researched channel. Featuring serial killer profile videos and tours around the likes of Auschwitz and creepy hotels, Top5s tends to focus a lot on myths, the paranormal, and the supernatural. You'll find a lot of creepy CCTV footage type videos and conspiracy theories, too. 


Another channel I enjoy but could do with uploading more, Vintage Files isn't always as well-researched as some of the other channels mentioned here, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It often features the missing, and unsolved cases, and they tend to fit a large of number of cases into one video, be it five or ten cases. I'd actually consider this one of my favourite channels, if only because the narrators are actually pleasant to listen to and don't have any weird monotony going on in their voices!


Although not strictly a true crime YouTuber, Matthew runs one of my favourite channels on YouTube. His paranormal, haunted and crime videos are absolutely my favourite of his videos, but he pretty much makes anything enjoyable. He has a hugely magnetic and fun presentation, and he genuinely just seems like a seriously nice guy. I personally adore his channel and think it's well done and researched, and he has a knack of adding extra creepiness to his crime or ghost videos.

Who are your favourite true crime YouTubers?


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