Friday, 8 June 2018

5 Summer Beauty Staples

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I know this is such a cliché post, but I've been getting into summer beauty lately in a big way. Dewy, highlight-doused skin and bright lipsticks have been my go-to on most mornings. There are five products that really helping me along to get the summery look I'm after, and in today's post I wanted to share them with you.


A recent holy grail product of mine, I've owned my bottle of Hocus Focus for quite some time but never really appreciated it until this year. At first I used this under my foundation and didn't see the point in it, but around last year (or 2016, I honestly can't remember), I started mixing it with my foundations and now I get why people are obsessed with this miracle bottle. Even if I'm using a heavy-duty, fairly matte foundation like my beloved Seventeen Stay Time, I get the most beautiful glow with this mixed in. It also works to give a wet sheen on the skin if applied on top of foundation, and also helps to really boost any powder highlighters - I love using this beneath Kat Von D's Thunderstuck!


I'm living for this bargain highlight palette. At just a fiver, this palette contains four huge pans of highlighter, ranging from a white with pink shift to a straight up blue, lavender and a pink. The blue has to be my favourite because you can see it from outer space. I did speak about this product recently here and here, so I won't ramble too much, but this isn't a palette for the faint of heart, and is incredibly beautiful on the skin if you love a bold highlight.


I strayed from the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit for quite some time, and on the whole I still prefer my Nip + Fab Travel Palette or Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit, but I've been reaching for this a lot for tutorials and photo shoots, and I'm really enjoying using it again. It's pigmented as hell so a little goes a long way, and although it's defo a tad warm for my pasty Casper skin, I love how bold it is and it's great for warming up the face. I do still reach for my cooler contours when I'm going out, but on summer days when I'm looking to add warmth to my skin, or when my dewy makeup look calls for a bold, chiselled contour.


One of the most recent shades to my collection, Jeffree Star's Anna Nicole is that beautiful orange-toned red that every gal needs in her life. I used to own a Barry M lip crayon that was this shade and I'd always get a shit-ton of compliments whenever I wore it, but as I wandered away from glossy, short-wearing textures, I never picked up a shade like it again - until now. The perfect companion for a smoky bronze eye or a pop of bright yellow shadow, I'm going to get a lot of use out of this beaut shade over the summer months.


Last, but not least, I have to give some love to my beloved Hashtag palette. Full of sunset colours, the shades boast pigment and the palette is packed full of everything you need for a smoky eye or a day time look. I love FOMO to pop on the inner corners, and the golds are everything because I've never had such pigmented golden shades before. Naturally, the purples are my favourite, but this versatile palette allows you to mix and match every colour that you want. In my opinion, it's a really perfect palette for those warm summer days.

What are your favourite beauty staples for the summer months?


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