Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Why I'm Blogging Daily in May

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You know when you think an idea is really good but also it's gonna be the death of you? That would sum up my feelings about creating content for everyday of the month of May. Now, I totally meant to to do this in April, but I had a total creative/life/MH slump and just didn't really have the energy. But as I sit here typing this, looking at my schedule, I'm actually kinda really pumped to get into it (at least until my creative fuel dies out again). 

There are a couple of reasons I decided to give everyday blogging a go, despite my fears of giving up halfway through or that I'd run out of things to talk about. So read on if you're interested to find out why I decided to try my hand at the daily blogging gig.


In an attempt to keep up my creativity levels, I decided that daily blogging is a way to keep pushing and motivating myself. I've already made a plan of what my posts will conclude of, but if something more interesting pops up that I want to write about more, then that's OK. Expect a variety of content from beauty to bits of style and lots of music, TV, books and games too. I'm hoping the varied topics will keep you, as a reader, interested, as well as keep my creative fuel in check by making it so I'm not in a rut writing constantly about lipsticks and ankle boots.


In a similar theme to my above para, I'm trying to push my exploration of ideas, as well as my creative energy. I'm hoping that the constant feed of ideas I've got written down will serve to inspire me by me thinking of ways I can expand on a topic or just think of other ideas within the topic. I hope that daily blogging will make it easier for me to come up with more future ideas for blog posts, and even though I've written down the next six months of scheduling, I'm hoping to come up with ways to approach more unusual topics like my recently covered Count Dankula post, and that I'll be brave enough to explore other more topical posts where I feel passionate enough.


But perhaps the biggest reason I've decided to daily blog, is to help me keep my mind off of the things ongoing in my life, and to keep my mental health hopefully in check and preoccupied with an outlet. Whilst being at work will provide a challenge to daily blogging, I'm hoping that it'll also keep me a little bit more motivated, especially with the summer coming. With any luck I'll be motivated to get up earlier after work and get some blog prep done. 

I hope you're looking forward to reading the content as much as I am writing it!


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