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My Sugarpill Eyeshadow Collection

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If there's one high-end beauty buy that I think you absolutely can't go wrong with, Sugarpill eyeshadows are absolutely the one. Almost a year ago now, I purchased my first three Sugarpill shadows, along with an empty 12-pan Pro palette and was delighted with my purchases - you can read all about that here -, and although I'm not quite finished building my palette - and, actually, I want to build a mini palette, too -, I now have eleven eyeshadows and I want to share some thoughts and swatches with you.

As well as swatches, I'll be including links at the end of the post to looks I've done with these beauts so you can see what they're like actually on, too. If there's any that I haven't posted yet, I'll be sure to link them when I have.


Sugarpill are known for their gorgeous formulas and bold, bright colours, so I knew that it was only a matter of time until I started dipping my toe into their brand and trying out some of their line. It started with liquid lipsticks, and I had my first taste of their eyeshadow formula when I bought their Valentine's collection last year, which consisted of a four-pan eye palette and a liquid lip. The palette is one of my favourites to date, and is amazing for a weekend away because it has everything you need for a single eye look - I always like to give myself options, but more often than not end up wearing the same thing everyday, so this palette is ideal for me as I intend to stop taking so much when I travel.

On the whole, the eyeshadows are pigmented and beautiful. They aren't chalky or powdery, but instead soft and easy to blend. Some of them require some build up, but I'm no stranger to that, and I love that they stay super bold as long as you have a good primer on underneath - I use Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but I also, for certain colours, pop a good white base on underneath as this really helps the colours pop. Buttercupcake and Acidberry in particular benefit from this.

Although on the pricier side of the spectrum, I think that they're worth it. The pans are huge, and come in at £8 per pan on Beauty Bay, or £10 if you buy those that come in the individual packaging and aren't already designed to pop into your empty pro palette. A lot of the individually packed eyeshadows have been created for the pro palettes too, but there are some shades which are exclusively for the palette. The only individually packaged shadow that isn't in the pro palette selection is Hotsy Totsy, which is described as a 'magenta with iridescent sparkle'. I think you get a lot of product for your money, on the whole, and there's an entire rainbow of colour for you to choose from.


I'm only four pans shy of finishing my 12 pan palette, and 3 away from finishing my 6-pan palette. Unfortunately for me, between Beauty Bay being a bit crap at restocking shades, and Sugarpill's search for new manufacturers of some shades, it's going to be a bit of time before I finally get to finish my palettes.

Two of the first eyeshadows I ever bought were Acidberry - a matte lime green - and Midori - a matte vivid green that pairs beautifully with Acidberry. I love wearing these two together for a really acidic eye look, and although I favour wearing them with a black lipstick, I reckon they'd pair amazingly with a neon pink for something really in your face. These two are unlike anything else in my collection, as I am often drawn to warm tones, and thus I've very few blues and greens in comparison.

In terms of blues, I bought Kimchi - the beautiful matte aqua that was created in conjunction with the gorgeous drag queen herself -, and Velocity, one of my favourite colours of all time. I'm a sucker to anything cobalt, so this matte blue is perfect. I find it can be a little patchy so it needs time to be worked on properly, or you can do what I do and stick a coloured base underneath. I use Kiko's Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in 44 as it's an almost identical shade. Kimchi looks incredible with a good white base underneath, too.

Buttercupcake - a matte bright yellow -, Flamepoint - a matte orange -, and Love+ - a matte red - all make a perfect pairing for a gorgeous fiery eye look, and are some of my favourites in my collection. It's hard to find good yellow and red eyeshadows, espescially ones that are so bold, primary in colour, and matte, so these really are gems that you wanna buy if you're into coloured makeup - they perform best with a white base underneath, and I admit Flamepoint is the most effortless to apply and work with and doesn't particularly require a base underneath. The only pink-purple shade I have is 2am, another matte number that is a warm-toned purple. It's beautiful, blends very well, and applies well too.

The newest to my collection mark the start of my 6-pan palette. Home Sweet Home is a matte baby blue that is perfect for those days where I want to rock the ice-queen look. It takes patience to apply as it's such a pale, matte shade and needs to be built up, and I find it benefits from a white base. Mochi is a gorgeous matte mint green that I find really easy to work with, and its perfect partner is Candycrush, which is a similar minty shade but packed with shimmer - I reckon this would double beautifully as a highlighter.

Apologies for the weird swatches of Love+ and 2am, they were a little bit crumbly which caused the 3D effect lmao.

Midori, Acidberry, Kimchi, Velocity, Home Sweet Home, Mochi, Sugarpill, eyeshadows, review, swatches
L-R: Midori, Acidberry, Kimchi, Velocity, Home Sweet Home & Mochi

CandyCrush, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love+, 2am, review, swatches, Sugarpill eyeshadows
L-R: CandyCrush, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love+, 2am


To finish off my 12-pan palette, I'm desperate to get my hands on Tako - a matte white -, as well as Poison Plum - a matte purple - and Suburbia - a matte coral. The last shade I'm looking to add is Dollipop, but I recently read that Sugarpill are seeking a new manufacturer for it, and if they can't find someone they'll be creating a replacement shade - I'm absolutely gutted! I wish I'd bought Dollipop so much sooner.

For my 6-pan palette, I'm looking to fill it with more pastel shades including Frostine - a stunning shimmery lilac -, Kitten Parade - a frosted peachy pink -, and Heart Shaped Cookie - a soft matte beige that I reckon will be a great base and all around useful, staple colour.

Have you tried anything from Sugarpill?

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