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My Go-To Make-Up for Glasses

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I'm probably not the ideal candidate for writing this post - after all, as somebody who is short-sighted, I don't tend to wear my glasses all the time, and when I do wear them, they're usually stuck onto a face that I'd made up hours earlier and which I never really thought to tailor to my glasses. However, there is ocassions where I prefer to wear my glasses - on holiday whilst sight-seeing, for example -, or when I'm going to be wearing them for a fairly long period of time - e.g. driving lessons -, and so I thought today I'd bring you my go-to make-up look for these days. 

It's a bit of a cheat cos y'all have already seen it over on my Instagram - I actually wore it recently when I couldn't face slathering on my really super-bold make-up look that I'd originally planned because the weather was actually really quite warm that weekend.

All that aside, I thought I'd pop down some of the things I like to do when applying make-up for glasses look, and also share some of my go-to products for creating the look, i.e. those used in the photos for this post! Oh, and a quick side note, the above glasses are from Perfect Glasses, although I can't find the exact pair online rn (they may be out of stock, or I may just too dumb to find them again).

In the last 18 months I've become a big fan of carving out my brows. Although this isn't a step everyone takes, I do find that it helps to frame and define your face, especially with glasses. Because I tend to wear quite large and deep frames, I like to give my face as much shape and definition as possible, so this is the first thing I make sure to do everyday. If you're new here, I use the Freedom/Make-Up Revolution* Brow Pomade in Soft Brown, it's a straight up dupe for ABH but piles cheaper! (*was using Freedom, but I think they're discontinuing the brand in favour of Revolution Pro, so I've swapped to the standard MUR one!)

When it comes to eye make-up, I prefer to keep things neutral. Although I do wear big frames, it always seems kinda odd to cover up any gorgeous purple or green hues with my glasses, especially since as it stands, I don't have a huge amount of lid space, so it feels like the look is overshadowed when I wear my glasses with them. My go-to palette right now for neutrals has absolutely got to be the Primark PS Bride Tribe Bridal Face Palette. It contains 5 eyeshadow colours, a highlighter, a blusher and a contour - and I just want to add the highlighter is really beautiful! I use it on the inner corners and brow bone. I don't like to wear anything too heavy on the eyes, so I go in with the matte beige shade as a base, then add the tan shade for depth, eventually adding the dark shimmer shade for even more depth, but I keep the lid light with the lightest rosy pink colour. For the lower lashline, I tend to use the brown shades mixed with the deeper pink. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for a mini-tutorial on the look - I'll add it to the post when it's live!

As I mentioned before, I like to define and shape my face. On make-up wearing days, I'm currently not seen without a bronzer, contour and highlight combination. While the Bride Tribe palette will do the job, I've been using my Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk, and my Nip + Fab Travel Palette which I found for a cheaper price than norm in TK Maxx. Both the contour and the highlight shades are stunning - obv I don't wear blush so I can't comment on how this shade is. At the moment, for my highlighter, however, I'm obsessed with the Primark PS Sweet Cheeks Blush & Highlight Palette which is from their K-Pop line and boasts four stunning, shimmery face colours. I use them all as highlighters even though the rosy pink one is clearly intended for use as a blusher. For this look in particular, I reached for the gorgeous peachy shade. 

Finally, for lips, I like to go for a bold statement. At the moment, my dark lippy of choice has been Sugarpill's Liquid Poison lipstick in 'Anti Socialite', which is the perfect vampy red hue. It's definitely the lovechild of Jeffree Star's rusty-red Unicorn Blood and dark, chocolatey Dominatrix colours, and is the perfect new addition to my liquid lip collection. It applies smoothly and smells delightful - Sugarpill's signature liquid lipstick scent is a sweet, chocolate-orange fragrance -, and it's comfortable for long-wear. 

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And that's it! I like to keep things simple and classic, with lots of facial definition when I'm wearing my specs. I own three pairs and bought two of them from the above mentioned Perfect Glasses - if you're looking for more of my experience on shopping with them, make sure to check out this post of mine! 

Since most of my post contains Primark beauty, I've included some beaut cruelty-free alternatives in my shopstyle bar.

Do you have a go-to make-up look for wearing glasses?


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