Monday, 21 May 2018

My 8 Handbag Essentials

When it comes to my handbag, I've come a really long way from the girl who used to carry everything but the kitchen sink. I've long since downsized my handbag - although I carry a bigger one for supplies when it's that time of the month or I'm taking my laptop to Costa ofc -, but there are still a bundle of things that I consider to be essentials in my handbag that I hate being without.

In today's post I thought I'd share my 8 handbag must-haves for the gal who likes to be prepared for pretty much everything!


I hate when my hands feel filthy, and I love getting to wash them after being on public transport or I've finished up work, but sometimes between times I don't have the time to wash them - like, my bus is due less than 10 mins after I finish work, so I tend to skip a bathroom break -, or I'm not near a toilet to do so - getting off the bus in the middle of town. For times like this I much prefer to at least use some hand santiser so I feel a bit less gross and paranoid that I'm going to catch a cold from the germs on the bus. I have a really cute travel one from Aldi's that cost less than a quid, and it's the best thing I ever picked up. There's always Soap & Glory's one, too, if you're pickier with your scents.


It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, I always seem to forget to leave the house with a pair of sunglasses, so in the last week I've made sure to keep a pair in my handbag at all times. The winter sun is brutal, and it's finally seeming like spring/summer here in Scotland which means it's pretty blinding out. I'm so bad for looking out the window and seeing it's sunny, but reckoning I'll be fine without a pair of sunnies, but I'm always proved wrong as soon as I head towards my bus stop!


Because of my job, my fingernails are often prone to breaking and splitting, and having ragged edges. For this reason I always keep a good glass nail file in my handbag (borrowed from my mum), and a decent pair of nail clippers (i.e. not ones from Primark cos they break after two mins). I also find that nail clippers can double as a pair of scissors if you need to remove an annoying label or tag from your clothes - I'm forever irritated by clothing labels and end up having to remove them in the middle of the day!


In the last few years, my flaky dry skin has turned into the stuff of nightmares, with my nose and chin becoming oily, while the rest of my face remains crumbly still. For this reason, if my face is made up, I always make sure to take a good powder with me, but I found that my usual powder brush was just too big to be trekking about in my handbag. Enter the Real Techniques Mini Powder Brush, a teeny thing that's half the size of my normal brush, but fluffy and full enough to keep my skin matte during the day. It's an absolute live saver for oily-skinned folks like myself.


I'm constantly making lists - whether it's shopping lists or to-do lists - and I love to jot down ideas when I'm sitting in the likes of a cafe or having breakfast away from home, so keeping a tiny reporter's notepad in my handbag is ideal. I bought a three-pack for £1 out of Flying Tiger, and it's super handy to have a notepad at all times.


Dehydration often leaves me with headaches at the end of a shift at work, and although I'm trying to make sure I drink enough water, I find myself having to reach for the old painkillers before I hit the hay back at home. Between this and liking to be prepared for my period - although I do know when it's coming, I just worry about not having painkillers when I need them -, I always make sure to have some paracetamol in my bag.


There's been plenty of instances when I've been dropped off somewhere or picked up somewhere that when I'm on the bus home, I only then realise that I haven't brought my big Urbanears over-ear headphones. To make sure I always have a pair with me, I recently picked up an amazing pair of in-ear buds by Panasonic that are easy enough to wrap up neatly and store in a pocket in my bag, so I'm never without music for those bus journeys.


I always keep a pack of Superdrug travel make-up wipes in my handbag, a habit I've had since I was about 18. Back before I met Jack, I would often end up randomly crashing at the houses of my friends or boys I was seeing without any real notice, so I started packing make-up wipes because even if they're not great for your skin, I'd much rather have something to take off the bulk of my make-up off with, than sleep in it. Nowadays, I very rarely want to stay at anyone's house, but I still keep my wipes handy just in case - plus, it means I can tidy up or remove for reapplication any pesky liquid lipstick.

What are your handbag essentials? Have I missed anything?


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