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Make-Up Revolution | Fast Base Foundation Stick

Make-Up Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

When it comes to foundation, I feel like it's one of the really, really tricky beauty products to get right. I've long since come to terms with never finding my perfect skin tone match, but I try still to look for new and exciting formulas. The closest I've come to my perfect foundation is the 17 Stay Time foundation, as it always provides me with a flawless base and lasts the longest time. Other, more dewy numbers that I used to love, now sit weird on my skin, especially around the t-zone. Still, when it comes to affordable foundations, I'm almost always willing to give it a go when it's something that sounds right up my street, and that's what I felt with Make-Up Revolution's first stick foundation, the Fast Base Foundation Stick. Boasting five-star reviews, a massive shade selection and a bargain price at just a fiver a pop, I felt like I was obligated to give it a go...

Make-Up Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Make-Up Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick


The Make-Up Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick is pretty much exactly what you expect. It's a foundation product that comes in the form of a twist-up stick, with sleek rose-gold and ivory packaging design that's simple but chic. It comes in 18 shades so far, and since MUR recently added new skin tones to their raved about Conceal & Define Concealer, I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same to their popular foundation product. On the MUR website you can find a handy guide on each of the foundation product pages to let you know just what shade might work for you. As a fair-skinned gal with yellow undertones, I picked F2, but I have to say I feel it's a tad off, although close. Nonetheless I'm often unfazed by a slightly-off foundation less and with this product it's no different.

Coming in at just £5, the foundation can be purchased on the Revolution Beauty site here, and on the Superdrug website here - as well as in stores. 


On to the real test, I tried this product out using no other new base products so that I could really see how it worked. I popped this on over my usual Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot primer, and set the foundation later with my MUA Pro-Base Satin Pressed Powder. Upon application, I noticed immediately that this was much creamier and workable than other stick foundations I've tried in the past. I get why stick foundations tend to have a bad name - they are often tough and hard to blend, but this applies like a dream. It's extremely soft and blended out well with a dry Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and I was even able to pull it down the neck without any effort. I feel like I may have applied to much of this on my first go, so I think the trick is to start with a little and work it as you go, as I did find the foundation to cake a little around my nose and not sit very well on top. The texture of my skin here is quite different to the rest of my face, so in recent weeks I've taken to using concealer on my nose and no foundation at all. 

One thing I will note is that its lasting power isn't particularly mind blowing. I wore this for around six hours and found that by the end the foundation had worn away at the end of my nose and on my chin, which is where it tends to move the most, yes, but not this much. I feel like it was a little heavy on the skin, not in that I felt it, but in that whenever I touched my face I was moving it and/or rubbing it away which I really hate in a foundation. 

It covers up my redness and discolouration well, but I've been lucky enough to have had fairly clear skin in recent months and so I haven't tested how well it sits over spots yet. It's definitely a full-coverage foundation which I prefer for the most part, and the fact that it's in a stick formula makes it really convenient for travelling or popping into your handbag for touch ups during a long day if needed. I'm super impressed by the coverage from a stick-formula, and I'm also really pleased with the texture. As I mentioned before it is super creamy which makes it easy to apply and spread, but the drawback of this is I find it doesn't set down quite as well as my usual foundation.

before and after makeup revolution fast base foundation stick
No make-up

before and after makeup revolution fast base foundation stick
With MUR Fast Base Foundation Stick

before and after makeup revolution fast base foundation stick


On the whole I don't think I'll end up repurchasing this. I'll absolutely use it up as it's definitely a decent product, but I still far prefer my 17 foundation, and I do prefer the formula of a liquid on the whole rather than a stick-product, no matter the ease of blending or how creamy it is. I also prefer that my usual product sets better as with this I feel like it's going to be a foundation that if I take a round-neck top off while wearing it, I'm gonna get smudges on the collar which isn't a hot look. I want to test it out a bit more as I've only tried for a couple of weeks, but so far this is a pretty decent foundation but not The One for me!

Have you tried out the MUR Fast Base Foundation Stick?


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