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Jeffree Star | Blood Sugar Palette

jeffree star blood sugar palette review and swatches
If there's one new beauty launch that's had me on the edge of my seat this year, excitedly awaiting its arrival at Beauty Bay, it's absolutely been Jeffree Star's Love Sick collection - specifically, its beautiful Blood Sugar eye palette. 

I could go without a few more pink liquid lipsticks in my collection, and a plain ol' lipstick version of Androgyny isn't really what I've ever been after, but this palette packed full of pinks, purples and reds - with a few nudes for good measure - is the dream for a colour-lover like myself. If you're no stranger here, you know these shades are my favourites on the eyes, and at first glance my only real criticism of the palette is that it could benefit from a few less nudes and a few more purple and berry notes.

Although currently sold out on Beauty Bay and on Jeffree Star's site, I reckon this will make a comeback in time, and today I wanted to give you my thoughts on it since it's the first eye palette I've ever purchased from Jeffree's brand.


The Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette is Jeffree Star's third eye palette launch to date, and consists of 18 rich, buttery and well-pigmented shades, ranging from your basic white, a few nudes, and - mostly - variations of hot pinks, rose pinks and all sorts of reds, as well as a couple of pops of purple. It's packaged in a luxury vegan-friendly faux leather red casing with clasps that's definitely lavish and a nice, classy touch to the palette. Each shadow is embossed with a symbol - mostly J Star's logo - and the shade names are written on the packaging which I much prefer over those clear paper panel things (technical, I know). I find one side of the packaging gets kinda stuck and I have to separate it with my nail to get the full palette open, but I'm not sure if it was just me who got the one that was prone to getting stuck or if this is normal. Either way, given its leathery texture, I'm not really surprised that it gets a bit stuck, and it's not a big issue for me.

The palette was available for a limited time at Beauty Bay but is currently sold out - it's worth keeping an eye out for any return dates, although I'm not sure yet when it's next being restocked. It's also available on Jeffree's site, but it also sold out there. It comes in at £46 which I actually think is reasonable for a high-end palette, given the pan size and the amount of shades you get. It actually works out as being the best deal of all three palettes, too, as the other two palettes only contain ten shadows each but are £40 each, so for £6 more you're getting 8 extra shadows.

Below I started with Cake Mix and Sugarcane in the crease, and added Prick as my main lid colour before slowly adding a bit of Cherry Soda and Fresh Meat into the crease. I used Root Canal for my lower lashline. (My highlight is the rose-gold packaged Glow & Sculpt 4-pan palette by Primark).

Excuse the hair, it was really hot and I was running late so didn't have a lot of selfy time and just wanted to quickly snap my make-up!


So far I've worn this maybe a handful of times, and upon initial swatching I was blown away by the pigmentation of each shadow. They apply well to the eyes, but some colours - I've noticed it mostly with Prick and Root Canal - need to be built up as they are so bright they're almost neon, and require a little bit more work for full coverage. That said, they still blend well and feel buttery, and each shade seems to work well. I'm a fan of the bottom line in particular, as I adore red shades, and these are really unique to my collection. I think in future Prick and Root Canal would benefit from the use of a white base underneath like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - as you can see on the swatches below, Prick is probably the hardest one to build up.

I do find that a couple of the shades began to fade pretty fast - to mention them again, it's the Prick and Root Canal colours that began fading quite quickly BUT I do think I didn't apply enough eyeshadow primer (for the record I use Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion), so watch this space as I'll update here on this post if that was the case. The other shadows I've tried so far - mostly the pale pinks, neutrals and all the reds - seem to have no issue with their lasting power and work beautifully.

Expect fallout with the reds and the brights - I recommend doing your foundation after. With the neutrals and light pinks, you can get away with brushing excess off your skin with a fan brush.

jeffree star blood sugar palette review and swatches

Overall I'm thoroughly impressed with the pigment, application and quality of these eyeshadows. They're easy to work with and look absolutely stunning on, and I'm glad the Blood Sugar palette has lived up to my expectations. I've had my eye on the Androgony palette for quite some time and I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it this year now that I know how well the formula of these shadows work. 

Have you tried any of the JS eye palettes?


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