Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Friction Free Shaving

Right, we're about it to get pretty TMI here, so if body hair and shit grosses you out, feel free to click away from this window using the lil' X button at the top of the tab. I personally don't find body hair to be a particularly TMI subject, but I also don't think periods and sex are that TMI with friends and sometimes even the internet, so I suppose I am not the best judge. 

I was very late to the shaving game, in fact, I never started shaving until I was about 17. My mum had warned me off it with horror stories of dealing with darker hair or thicker hair or faster growing hair - you know, all those myths that you never know for sure are real or not when you're a teen - and so I relied solely on hair removal creams to get the job done, which, I admit, they only really did when the hair had been growing again for sometime. 

Because I wasn't sexually active until 17, I didn't find that body hair was that big of an issue. I'm lucky to have blonde hair on most of my body, so it's never really bothered me, and even today I don't bother shaving above my knees even when I go abroad and spend most of my day in a swimsuit. I just don't see the point. So, when I first started shaving, I relied on a pink Queen of Shaves razor which got the job done and was actually pretty satisfactory for the most part. I did on occasion try Gillette Venus razors, but found them a) far too expensive to replace the blades on, and, b) it was so easy to nick myself with them, especially in comparison to my beloved Queen of Shaves razor with which I only cut myself once in a blue moon, usually at the ankle or behind the knee because I'm shite and heavy-handed when shaving my stubby Casper-coloured pins.

Then, 2017 happened, where I noticed that despite changing my razor head twice in two weeks, I couldn't seem to get as satisfactory a shave anymore. I'm not sure what exactly changed, but my old trusty pink razor just really wasn't doing the job anymore, and even struggled to trim down a particular few hairs that were in this awkward crease of my underarm. Long story short? I needed a new razor, and with my history, I did not trust the idea of attempting to use Gillette again, nor did my bank account want to deal with the costs. 

Enter Friction Free Shaving, the brand that bloggers have been raving about over the last few years. It definitely seemed too good to be true, and quite frankly, I'd read that many good reviews that I couldn't help but have an inkling of doubt. I've come across many raved-about products in my four years of blogging, and in reality, I only managed to enjoy about 5% of them at most. Nonetheless, I figured there was no real risk. I'd pay £9, get my razor and my month's worth of blades, and then I could cancel if I decided it was shite. Gamble-free, just the way I like my new products to be.

I chose the Rose razor - which is, naturally, rose-gold in colour, and found its benefits to be nice, but I was sceptic nonetheless until I actually had the beautifully weighty piece in my hand. It's definitely a step-up from my old Queen of Shaves number, and has a handy grip on the underside so that even when my hands are slippery with shaving foam, I still manage to shave well. Its head pivots, allowing me to get into all the annoying nooks and crannies, like around the ankles, and I find that it positively glides across the skin with ease. The six blades leave me feeling silky and smooth, without any irritation or bumps - except for the bikini, bcos that just seems to be how it goes -, and I definitely feel like I've found my perfect razor.

I'm personally a bikini shaver, and I generally prefer to shave all over in that department, and I admit that this has given me a much smoother shave than I've had in my entire life. It's definitely more effective when the hair is a little longer, which is actually quite annoying because I often don't wait long enough between shaves to get the full effect. Nonetheless, this still makes for a much easier shave than my old razor did, and I'm really glad I took the plunge and made the change.

For £9 a month - or £5, I believe, if you choose the cheaper razor - you can get 4 shiny new razor-blades sent to your door, one for each week of the month, or, if you prefer, you can opt to have them sent once every two months which I reckon I'll probably opt for next winter. All in all, I'm super chuffed with my new razor and I'm really happy that it's worked out well for me.

What do you think of Friction Free Shaving? Have you tried the subscription service? You can check out their website for more info here.


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