Thursday, 17 May 2018

Crushing on Primark Beauty

Primark's beauty range has never, ever gone under my radar, in fact I've been buying bits and pieces for a few years now, but in recent months I've noticed the quality of their products go up as their prices stay the same, and stay competitive with the biggest drugstore brands like Make-Up Academy and Make-Up Revolution. Whilst, like every brand, there are some misses in amongst the range, there are far more wins, especially right now as they are launching a new collection at least every month, if not more often.

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favourite recent beauty purchases from Primark. I'm not sure how limited their collections are - the K-Pop one is still going strong in my local, and that was released about a month ago, possibly longer, I think - but hopefully you can still pick up anything you fancy!

Starting with eyeshadow products, some of their palettes of late have been absolutely stunning. The Urban palette was the first one to catch my eye, only £4 for ten gorgeous, pigmented shades. They aren't super buttery, but they are pleasant to work with and I don't have trouble applying them or blending them out. The palette consists of a few basic shades that serve as transition or base colours, and then plenty of beautiful matte primary colours like red and khaki - some do have a bit of shimmer to them. See my colour swatches of this palette on this Instagram post

In the same vein, the gorgeous Berry palette was another recent purchase of mine. I resisted picking this up for a while, but eventually caved because if you know me, you know I can't refuse beautiful mauve, pink and berry tones, especially on the eyes. I ended up swapping this in to my make-up stash by removing the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose palette, something I'd recently fallen out of love with (and I prefer to have a bigger variety of shades!). There's a mix of finishes here, and it contains a gorgeous couple of highlight shades, as well as mid shades and dark shades so you can create a day look or a smoky look, depending on your mood.

Lastly for eye palettes, the newest to my collection is the gorgeous Bronze palette. Containing soft brown and bronze shades with pops of red and orange tones, it's a stunning palette that's going to be amazing all year round, creating picturesque autumn looks and also helping to keep my look sun-kissed in the summer. There's a range of finishes and the handy 9-pan size means it's easy to store and travel with. It does have an artificial coconut smell, too, that I have to say I'm not a fan of it because it has that cheaply made undertone which you'll recogonise when you smell it, but it's bearable. I also think this could do without the cool tone neutral in the bottom row, and instead a gorgeous deep teal would have been an amazing addition to the palette.

Moving onto face products, I've picked up some beaut highlighters in recent weeks, with the first being the K-Pop Sweet Cheeks Highlight & Blush palette, which contains 4 highlight and blush shades. I believe the deep rosy pink is meant for blusher, but I use all four shades as highlights as they're beautifully shimmery and boast some gorgeous pastel colours - there's a peach, a yellow, a lilac and the rosy pink. The faces embossed onto the heart-shaped pans are mega cute (or should I say kawaii? lol) and the packaging is to die for - the whole thing is super photogenic. Another of my recent highlighter buys is the loose highlighter from the Bronze collection - I picked up the champagne colour, but I believe there's a gold too. It doesn't have a sieve over the top so do be careful when opening it up, but it's a gorgeous shimmer and the pot is so big, so for £2 you're getting a ton of product. It works perfectly with  a smaller brush for the face but I can imagine this is going to look stunning on the shoulders and collarbones (I'm yet to wear it here).

I did a whole in-depth post on the Lunar Glow palette which I don't think is available any longer, and I picked up the PS Glow Highlight & Sculpt cheek palette which boasts beautiful orange and pink tones that also double as gorgeous eye toppers. Most recently, I just picked up the #GlowGetter palette too, but I've yet to try this out.

In terms of lips, I don't actually purchase their products too often as their liquid lipsticks aren't my favourite formula and I rarely wear anything but a liquid lip. However, I recently purchased one of the Bride Tribe lipsticks as I am a sucker for the rose gold packaging and it's a very jazzy pop-out lipstick (one of my friends said it's like a James Bond gadget), and it's beautiful. I bought it in the colour Afterparty and it's the most nude nude I've ever purchased, and it doesn't pull so light or pink on me that it looks awful and weird. It's super flattering, and I recently did a make-up look with it which I'll share here when it goes live.

Last but not least, my obsession with Primark's false nails is very real and no secret for those of you who follow my Instagram or watch my Youtube videos! I own about 16 pairs of them at the moment and I'm always picking up new colours and designs. I always love having long nails, so I buy the pointed ones as I don't really like the squareletto shape, but they aren't practical for work, so I can only wear them when I'm not in work or on holiday. They're really gorgeous and affordable, and now that I've got the hang of them, I find I'm not having them come loose as often as they did when I first tried them. If you find the pointed ones to be too long, you can always cut them down and file the edges so they're more suited to your life and style. I personally love that if I have an event coming up but my nails are wrecked due to work (they tend to break and nail polish constantly chips while at work), I have an option to wear a gorgeous pair of falsies that won't break the bank. I can't justify £8 or more on a pair of fake nails that I'll wear once, but I admit I don't really feel like myself with short nails!

What products do you love from Primark? Leave me your recommendations below!


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