Sunday, 27 May 2018

8 Basic Blogging Tips

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I always think writing posts like this I sound super up myself. I'm not a big blogger, I don't get many emails, I've had products sent to me once and I honestly couldn't tell you the first thing about SEO. But despite all this, I do have some things I'd like to share, and I feel like these aren't really set in stone. You can blog however you want, and there are no rules. But these are just some basic things that I personally think can make your blog look better and help you be a better blogger.

  1. Make sure that your email is easy to find. Clearly, this one is less about what I like on a blog and more about making sure you don't have missed opportunities! Whether it's on your sidebar or in your 'about' info, make sure that it's visible and correctly typed.

  2. Write an 'about' page and keep it up to date. Loads of times I've seen people not updating their about pages and a lot of their info is just out of date and pretty much useless. I also prefer when I can get to know bloggers, rather than just seeing their lush profile pic and nothing else, cos that ends up making me feel like they're too cool for me and they're kind of intimidating, lmao.

  3. Open your comments! I've been on blogs before where they don't have a comment box, like, at all. Fair play if it's a super personal blog but most people tend to look for interaction. I can't comment if you don't have a widget for it, bro. You can add an approval system if need be, but personally I prefer Disqus as it means I can keep up with a thread of conversation.

  4. Insert a 'read more' function. I personally hate having to scroll through people's thousand-word blog posts to get to the one that I really want, so utilising the 'read more' function is super important IMO. I get bored and distracted when I can't just glance at the title to find what I'm looking for, and I doubt I'm the only one.

  5. Break up your posts. I always paragraph my posts as well as I can and sometimes I'm not even sure if it's necessary, but I just always need to use titles, bullet-points and lots of spacing to make sure my long posts can be taken in via digestible, bite-sized chunks. Albeit, still kinda large chunks but y'know.

  6. Disregard blogging rules. Write in your own voice - if you swear, fucking swear - and if you wanna right about hair dye one minute and true crime the next, go for it. If you want to post twice in one day and then none next week, that's fine. You don't need a niche. You don't need to put on a polite face to the internet. Be real, be you.

  7. Keep a notebook with you all the time. Ideas are going to fly at you when you least expect them to, especially when you're out and about. I highly recommend keeping a notepad with you or having an app on your phone where you can note them down so you don't forget!

  8. Keep your old posts up to date. I recently went and renewed a lot of my old images, posting fresh new ones that are more in style with the ones I currently take, and I also tweaked and edited some of the info and old links to make sure everything was working and made sense. Doing this gives a new lease of life to your old posts, and makes everything feel more exciting and fresh again.

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