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7 Disney Films I Love

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Although Disney princess have never really been my cup of tea (at least, in terms of the usual Snow White, Cinderella and Belle), I am definitely a big kid when it comes to Disney films, and I have my fair share of favourites. In today's post I thought I'd share with you the seven Disney classics that will forever hold a special place in that ice box I call a heart ;)


Perhaps one of the first Disney films I ever fell head-over-heels for was the tale of girl-meets-alien in Lilo & Stitch. I'm a huge fan of Stitch and have all sorts of merchandise including cups, pillows and plush toys. Disney really nailed this one by stepping away from the classic girl-meets-prince and instead introducing two orphaned sisters and throwing an alien in the form of the lovable but destructive and slightly dickish - at first - Stitch. I love the whole family theme that runs throughout the movie, and the iconic 'Ohana' line will always stay with me.


One of the least talked about Disney films, Treasure Planet could perhaps be my firm favourite, if I really had to pick. Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Hyde Price (Niles from Frasier if you're unfamiliar with his real name), the film revolves around a teen named Jim (Gordon-Levitt) whose father took off when he was just a kid, and how Jim seeks out a father figure in John Silver, a cook on the ship the RLS Legacy, where he joins the crew in search of Treasure Planet. 

With a soundtrack by the unbelievably talented Jimmy Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, and featuring one of my all-time favourite songs, I'm Still Here, Treasure Planet has to be the most underrated and epic tales ever created by Disney and shows just how complex relationships can be amongst humans and non-humans alike. Also, Morph is like the cutest.


The real heartbreaker of the my list of favourite Disney films is The Fox & The Hound, and if you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend you go watch and then come back because it deserves to be watched and if you know you're gonna get your heart broken, you might not wanna watch it haha. 

As the title gives away, the film revolves around a growing friendship between a fox, Tod, and a hound-dog, Copper, and the tension that results from their unlikely bond as they get older and Copper is taken out for hunts. I watched it last year for the first time since I was a kid and it still made me cry, but it's still a beautiful tale and one of my favourites.


Mulan is a Disney princess that I can 100% get behind, yet seems more often than not to be forgotten about and sometimes not even really considered one?! Fierce, bad-ass and fighting for what she thinks is right, she is an admirable character and her story is a roller-coaster of emotions. With sidekicks like Mushu, Cri-Kee and Khan, and a team of soldiers that are each individual with their own personalities and funny in their own right, there really isn't anything I dislike about the film. It also boasts an awesome soundtrack, with I'll Make a Man Out of You being the best Disney song of all time, outside of the I'm Still Here from Treasure Planet. And yes, I know all the words off by heart, before you ask.

How epic is it when Shang tells Mulan to go home so she basically ends up turning around like, 'fuck you' and kicks everyone's butt at all the physical exercises??? Like YAS girl.


A classic that I couldn't resist adding to my list is 101 Dalmatians, because not only does it include the most iconic Disney villain (IMO), it also has a cast of amazingly cute doggos and puppers, as well as a cute as fuck human couple of George and Anita. I don't feel like this really needs reasoning because it's such an iconic film and makes me hugely nostalgic.


Yet another thoroughly underrated movie, Brother Bear is one of those roller coaster films that's cute, heartbreaking and laugh-inducing all at once. It features the cutest little cub, Koda, and my favourite characters, Rutt and Tuke, the comic Canadian moose pair. I never hear anybody talking about this film and it breaks my heart, as it's by far one of the best Disney have ever done and is unlike a lot of their other work as there's no princesses or true love involved, but instead, it's about a man learning to understand what brotherhood really means.

The film centres around an Inuit boy - Kenai - who pursues a bear in revenge for an attack which left his oldest brother dead, and once he tracks down the bear, he proceeds to kill it. Spirits, who see his attack as cruel and unecessary, change Kenai into a bear himself so that he can feel through another's heart, before he can return his human form. On his travels he finds enthusiastic and persistent Koda, a little bear cub, and the two proceed to travel to find the Northern Lights together.


Underrated, but not as much as some of the other films mentioned in this post, The Emperor's New Groove features some of my favourite actors (I really love David Spade and Patrick Warburton), and revolves around Kuzco, an arrogant teen Incan emperor, who is transformed into a llama by his former advisor, Yzma, and how he then goes on to meet a village leader, Pacha, (voiced by John Goodman, woop!), who attempts to get him back home and return him to his normal human state.

Full of laughs and hilarious lines, Kuzco is definitely one of my favourite Disney characters of all time, even despite his ego. It's not as touchy-feely as the usual Disney releases, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable or awesome.

What are your favourite Disney films?


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