Wednesday, 9 May 2018

5 Shows I Didn't Finish

Warning: this post contains spoilers!

Although the amount of TV shows I love tends to outweigh the ones I don't, I still have my fair few lot of TV shows that I didn't finish. I originally intended on including these in my What I've Been Watching series (catch part one here and part two here), but because I'd been watching so much I decided to just pop these into a post of their own. So, here are five TV shows that I didn't finish.


I watched approximately three or four episodes of Dark before giving it up. I'm often a fan of weird crime or thriller shows, especially when they're foreign, but I really couldn't get the hang of this. From the awkward opening scene of a couple having sex and the obvious signs of affair, complete with a stilted 'I love you' from one half and not the other, to the - in my opinion - clumsy time travel aspect, I really couldn't pay attention to this show without getting distracted or bored.


I know a lot of people who watch The Crown, and as a Brit who doesn't think the royal family are the devil, I was actually quite keen to try and give it a go. I was excited by the cast, too, including Matt Smith, Jared Harris and John Lithgow, all prominent and excellent actors whose careers I've always enjoyed watching - the show is also set to feature Olivia Coleman, too. However, I found myself after a few episodes becoming bored of the somewhat sickly relationship between Elizabeth and Philip, who, by the way, is portrayed as being wholly unlikeable, IMO, and I grew bored. I think part of the problem may be the dramatic politics involved, with politics being a topic that I do find difficult to concentrate on at any point. I don't think this is a horrible show, I just couldn't get into it.


The Frozen Dead is another show, like Dark, that should have been right up my street. Set in the French Alps, this is a murder mystery where the lead detective seems to have tunnel-vision for an old family friend who he later had locked up for murder. I feel like the reason I grew to dislike the show was this tunnel-vision. I get that it's the main point in the programme, that it's a big theme and plot line, but I grew tired of it quickly, in the same way that I got bored of Hannibal because everybody thought Will Graham was at fault instead of the man himself. 

Some of the characters were interesting, however.  I really enjoyed the female lead, Captain Ziegler, and wish that she had been the real protagonist and that the male lead had not actually been in it at all. She was very level-headed compared to her reckless male counterpart and I feel I wouldn't have gotten bored or tired of the show had she been the real focus. 

I actually nearly finished this show, as I think I watched four of six episodes, but gave in!


OK, can someone please tell me the deal with Rick and Morty? I think I watched about 7-8 episodes of this and there was honestly nothing likeable about it. I know one of my favourite let's players, Jacksepticeye, is a fan of the show, and some of my friends enjoy it, but I really couldn't get into it. I think adult cartoons are one of those weird hit and miss things because I really enjoy Archer - c'mon, the characters are brilliant - and South Park, and I'll watch a bit of American Dad, but that's where my interest tends to end (except for The Simpsons and Futurama, but I don't trust anyone who doesn't like them). 

I didn't find Rick and Morty to be funny, the characters weren't exactly likeable and the stories were just a bit 'meh'. I dunno what it is about this show, but it's a 'no' from me.


As a big fan of crime shows (durrrrr, how many times do I repeat this line?), and a big fan of Tim Roth, I was really looking forward to starting Tin Star on Now TV around January time. I think I did watch most of the first season, but yet again, grew tired of the repetitiveness of it. I totally get that Tim Roth's character had a drink problem, but his constantly going out and getting wrecked while he had a family at home made me cringe, as it did when he woke up in some random woman's bed and then proceeded to wake up with several naked women in his hotel room. Maybe it's just me because I still cringe and get uncomfortable with on-screen sex or nudity, but I couldn't help but feel it was a bit excessive, as was his drinking, and then when he failed to go and give back up which resulted in one of his officer's being shot, I was just kinda like, you know what? You're a dickhead. 

Characters that don't help themselves become so hard to watch, I think. Although, again, I don't think it's a badly done show, I just struggled to find it likeable - or any of the characters, for that matter.

Have you watched any of these shows? What's your opinion of them?


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