Tuesday, 15 May 2018

5 On-Trend Styles I'm Living For

I don't know about you guys, but I'm struggling right now to find trends that I don't like in the warmer months of 2018. I always prefer dressing for the S/S seasons much better, and I prefer to shop in them too. Everything becomes interesting and colourful, and as much as I love a good pair of black skinny jeans and my beloved muted v-necks, I feel much more excited for the fact that in the warmer months, I don't have to wear layers or get stuck with just trousers. I really love getting to bare flesh, so little t-shirts; loose tank tops that are low cut at the sides; shorts and dresses are all really up my street for the milder time of year. 

This year's trends have really not disappointed, and today I wanted to talk about some of the trends that I've been really loving browsing through.


Graphic tees have been a wardrobe staple of mine for years, so every time I see they're in season again I feel really excited as it means new styles will come out that I might enjoy. I'm a big fan of old school iconic musician tees, especially Iron Maiden, Bowie and Blondie, but when it comes to slogans, I think Nasty Gal have really got this corner of the market nailed. I recently purchased my Don't Be a Dick t-shirt from here, and I've got my eye on a bunch of others. I love slogans that are like, 'no thanks', 'go away' and 'zero fucks given' - anything that's a bit to-the-point, and bordering on the anti-social. This is a style that I don't think I'll ever grow bored of.


Although I'm a bit of an emo inside and favour my blacks, whites and greys, I've slowly been adding colour to my wardrobe over the last year. It started with hints of burgundy and mustard, and I now have a couple of bright red, yellow and green pieces that I'm really enjoying wearing. I love a good bottle green kind of colour, and I really want to add more scarlet red to my wardrobe, a colour I've shied away from for years. I'm finding a pop of colour has been a really good way to incorporate some into your wardrobe, like a bright bag or pair of shoes instead of going the whole hog with trousers or a dress. That said, I adore monochromatic outfits - they look amazing!


I love interesting fabrics like lace, leather (faux) and velvet, so when vinyl started becoming popular again in 2017, I was a little late in trying it out, but had been watching it from the get-go. I love how many textured fabrics fit in well with the grungey look that I once used to wear to death, so in some ways it's natural for me to try and involve them in my more streamlined, maturer style, but it's definitely been a challenge to wear vinyl. The first product I bought - and is admittedly the only one I own right now as I write this, but that's mostly due to financial issues than a lack of want - was a beaut red zip up vinyl skirt from Missguided, complete with pockets. I love the idea that it can be dressed down with fishnets and Converse, but dressed up with a low cut top and over-the-knee boots. I'm hoping to get the courage to wear it with the milder weather approaching, so hopefully I'll be able to style it out more soon!


I don't think I'll ever get sick of animal print, as it's something I've worn for years. I love leopard- and snake-prints especially, with my most recent wardrobe addition being this beautiful red leopard print biker jacket that was a total steal from I Saw It First. I'm going through a bit of an obsession with coloured leopard prints now, primarily red and yellow. Missguided have an amazing denim yellow leopard print two-piece right now which seems to have recently sold out, but you can see it on the amazing Foxxtailz here. I've almost always gravitated towards grey-coloured leopard- and snake-prints, but I want to delve into more colour in the summer.

Side note: I am in LOVE with the blue dress and red playsuit I've linked from Missguided below. I hope there's a 50% off offer sometime soon...


It's taken me a long while to come round to the ol' polka-dot trend, and that's mostly because up until now, I only really saw them as something that belonged on a) the older people, like 50+, or b) children. Neither of which I want to look like (although my mum is a pretty bomb dresser IMO). But, after purchasing a black and white midi dress that just screamed 'fifties housewife' that I found in Primark in the sale last year, I decided that actually they weren't too bad, and with their recent popularity, I've found myself craving a lil' tea dress, or maybe a playsuit, that I can pair with a denim jacket and Converse for the ultimate in spring/summer chilled out dressing.

What trends are you loving right now?


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