Friday, 4 May 2018

5 Affordable Drugstore Highlighters

Highlighter used to be a product I'd only wear for special occasions, but in recent years I've become addicted to slathering my cheekbones in the glowy goodness of a liquid or pressed powder highlight. I find powder highlights to be my favourite formula for ease of application, as I don't like to really apply make-up with my fingertips, opting for a fluffy fan brush instead, but liquid and cream highlights can really add a healthy, head-turning glow that sometimes a powder just doesn't give. Today I thought I'd share five of my favourite affordable, drugstore highlighters that I own, not including my huge stash of Topshop ones because so many of them I believe are not sold anymore. Without further ado, let's get into the post.


One of the first highlighters I ever bought was from MUR when they had not long launched. Boasting a soft, silky texture, this highlight is available in a small variety of other shades for all sorts of skin tones, but Peach Lights is my one and only as it's the most natural on my pale skin, and I find that I gravitate more towards pale peachy tones rather than golds or bronze-y colours. The shimmer in the product is extremely fine and subtle, and leaves you with a glow rather than a glitter-covered face. It looks like a multi-dimensional highlight when the light hits it despite having no kind of blue or purple shift - it simply is a pinky peach highlight. For minimal make-up days, this is my my go-to product.


I wasn't always a fan of the Undress Your Skin highlighter range by MUA, in fact, the first one I ever bought I hated. I found it stiff and chalky, and I swore off them until they launched a ton of new shades and I decided, after swatching them in Superdrug, that I'd give them another go. Peach Diamond is my favourite of the two shades I own, and it is quite similar in tone to Peach Lights by MUR. This has a bit of a chalkier feel to it, the texture being less satiny and smooth, but it's easy to blend out and isn't chunky or stark at all on the skin. I find this has a bit of a duo-chromatic look to it, leaning more on the orange side of peach (without, you know, being actually orange). This is a subtle one, but so beautiful when the light catches it.


This isn't the first time I'm mentioning this Barry M highlighter on the blog, and that just goes to show how much of a firm staple it is in my collection. Although only available in one shade, the unique and stunning rose-gold tones of Light Me Up! are universally flattering. If me and my yellowy fair skin can get away with it, you can imagine how beaut it'll look on olive and dark skin tones, and anything in between. I use this by unscrewing the cap and dabbing it on, as the pump gives out far too much product. I can imagine this would double well as a product to be mixed in with your foundation, but I straight-up just use it on my cheekbones. It blends seamlessly into the skin, being light enough for me that it doesn't look odd or stark. There is a minimal bit of shimmer in, but you can hardly notice once it's on the skin unless you look really close. It boasts an amazing healthy glow, and it captures well in photographs too.


An oldie but a goodie, this is the cheapest highighter of the lot - I purchased mine years ago from Fragrance Direct for about £1.99. It gives a much different kind of glow than any of the other mentioned highlights in this post, as it doesn't contain any shimmer or shine. It gives a pale pinkish highlight that's subtle enough that I feel comfortable using it on other areas of the face other than my cheekbones, and gives a very simple glow and brightness to the skin. It's not the most in your face, and it doesn't give off much when the light hits it, just a subtle glow.


If you're a fan of the unusual coloured highlighters, then MUA's recently launched Prism line is for you. Boasting bold shades like purples, pinks and blues, I actually on the whole favour this collection of highlighters over the Undress Your Skin range. So far, the only one I own is Polarised Green, as I actually don't own any other green highlighters but I really wanted one. Again, its shimmer is extremely subtle, and from most views this simply gives a golden-toned green glint to the skin. It's not as harsh and stark as you'd think, and is easy to blend and work with. I don't find that it's easy to put on too much, which means you don't have to be afraid of being heavy-handed. I'm absolutely obsessed with this one!

What are your favourite drugstore highlights?


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