Thursday, 10 May 2018

4 Useful Tools for Content Creators

Being a blogger is 100% hard work, but sometimes all it takes is the right tools to make your life just that little bit easier. Today I thought I'd share four of the tools that make it much easier for me, as a creator, to keep on, well, creating, without too much fuss.


I really don't know how I'd function without Dropbox. On it I keep my Instagram content and useful documents like post ideas so that I always have those things to hand, ready to update my feed or note down an idea that I like the sound of. It's super handy that every photo I take gets backed up here too, so I don't have to faff about with cables to download my snaps to my computer. 


My current favourite photo editor, Ribbet boasts all the same features as PicMonkey but doesn't cost you a single penny, unless, of course, you wish to upgrade to the premium membership so that you can access a few more fancy filters and picture-perfecting tools. I'm quite happy on the basic, free package as I never really use decorative frames, filters or effects, and any touch-ups I do on my selfies can be solved with the free teeth-whitening tool or the blemish removal tool from Picasa - my other most used photo editor. I can do all the same things to my photos that I once did on the ol' PicMonkey, and you can check out my editing post here for more info.


Picking out music for YouTube is, in my opinion, always such a hassle. But last year I came across a couple of different resources for us small YouTubers that didn't want to deal with any weird copyright claims etc by finding a couple of channels for that showcase copyright-free music. The first one I discovered years ago, and is one of the most popular on YouTube, going by NoCopyrightSounds. The second and third channels, and the ones I use the most, is Music for Creators and Audio Library - No Copyright Music. They're lesser known but there's a bigger variety of music here. Most songs will only require for you to showcase a link to the song in your description, as well as the creator and the channel, and you're welcome to use it freely in your videos.


Scheduling Tweets is the biggest pain in the butt, but I swear by TweetDeck. Definitely not the most time-saving, but it's free and very simple to use - espesh for beginner's -, I continue to use TweetDeck to this day. I have a document with all my links on it, and oftentimes if I'm repeating the same Tweet over and over again, I'll just copy that to a document so all I ever need to do is click, paste, add the time and date, and then add the image. It's a pretty long, tedious process, but you can pretty much go on auto-pilot. I tend to catch up on YouTube vids whilst I do this.

What are your favourite tools for creators?


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