Wednesday, 23 May 2018

4 Products for Kissable Lips

When it comes to my lips, I spent years not looking after them properly. They'd often be dry and chapped, and no matter what balms I used, I never found a real fix for it up until the last few years. I often chewed at them to the point that I made them bleed, but thankfully back then I didn't wear make-up, and even if I did, concealer lip were the in thing - not liquid lipsticks! But, also thankfully, I've come a real long way from that girl who picked at dry skin. I've now found a ton of products that work incredibly well for me, and I'm adamant about always putting them on before bed.

Today I thought I'd share the four products I use to keep my pout in tip-top shape and make sure they're prepped for any long-wearing liquid lipsticks.


I swear by this stuff as it's one of my absolute holy grail products. I've mentioned it in a couple of my YouTube videos, I believe, because it deserves to be talked about a lot. Not only does this work for helping to reduce and fade scarring, but it also works wonders for my mouth. I'm prone to dry, cracked corners of my mouth which left them looking horrifically red and nasty whilst feeling painful, and I also suffered from an extremely dry area of skin on my cupid's bow that was really harsh and painful - but after a couple of days of using this I saw a huge difference, and now I never have to worry about them coming back as long as I apply this before bed every night (well, I do that out of caution, I'm not sure if they will or won't come back without it!). If you are really suffering, I couldn't recommend this more.

It is expensive, but you hardly need any so a tube will last you forever.


Before I won the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm in a giveaway, I was using the Kiko Night Balm and I think both products do a terrific job, but that Dr Lipp's product tends to give you more bang for your buck. I think this has lasted me at least twice as long as the Kiko number, if not more. Both are amazing products so if you're on a smaller budget, I can't recommend the Kiko Night Balm enough. But if you're willing to spend a little more, you need this Dr Lipp balm in your life. It comes in a little squeezy tube and it can be a little tough to get some out - I often have it next to my bedside lamp, and the heat tends to soften the product making it easier to get out. A little goes a long way with this, and it reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour cream except it's less heavy and sticky, and doesn't have that annoying and unpleasant scent. Leave this to soak in overnight and you'll see a huge difference in the morning of your lips feeling much more soft and nourished. 

I apply this and my Prolagene Gel religiously before bed every night!


For on-the-go lip relief, you can purchase mini versions of the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm which are super handy to use - I keep one in each handbag so if I'm overnight or just having a really bad lip day I know I can get instant relief when I need it. But, I also always make sure to carry a Kiko Lip Relief balm with me too, as sometimes I just want something that'll add a quick softening effect and give me some comfort, rather than slathering on the Dr Lipp balm which tends to hang around for a while. I always keep one of these chapsticks on me when I'm at work as the heat there often leaves me and my skin feeling dehydrated AF. This little balm smells and feels pleasant, and leaves my lips feeling soft and relieved for when I need a quick top up rather than an intense treatment.


You really can't go wrong with a basic sugar scrub. I've used my own in the past with olive oil and sugar, but having it readily available in a little pot is the best thing. This one from Primark is the best I've tried, although I'm not sure if they're still in stores as I haven't seen them in a while, but a nice alternative would be LUSH. I love the Primark one because it's less dry than the LUSH version - I used to own the popcorn flavoured one -, and I also think this is a bigger tub for less money. Another alternative would be to snap up one of Jeffree Star's lip scrubs on Beauty Bay. Lip scrubs are great for getting rid of dead skin, and help to soften up your lips, especially with a good lip balm popped on top.

That's all for this post - what lip care products would you recommend?


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