Tuesday, 22 May 2018

3 Video Games I Can't Wait to Play

Since Christmas I've been waiting patiently to have enough money to buy myself a new console. If I'm honest, I had enough money in my savings but wanted to keep it aside for other things, and since being off work, I've relied heavily on my savings to support me and I've been far less concerned about saving any kind of money. A PS4 has been on my wishlist for sometime now, pretty much because of the exclusive games that come with it - although I admittedly still feel more of an Xbox gamer than Playstation - and I'm really looking forward to having an updated console.

At the end of this month I'm hoping to finally purchase my new console! As a result I'm really excited about the new games I want to play, specifically, the three that I'm about to share in today's post...


This is absolutely going to be my first stop. Although it had its flaws, South Park: The Stick of Truth is easily one of my favourite games. I had a ridiculous amount of fun playing it and I loved everything from designing my own character to being able to upgrade my weapons and skills as I pleased. I also adored the buddy system - Butters is my main man -, and that you could explore South Park as you wished. The new game looks even better than the old one, and I'm hoping my pal might let me borrow it so I can get to playing right away instead of waiting to save money again! 


Admittedly, this is a franchise that's gone totally under my radar and I know next to nothing about it. But after seeing some of Jacksepticeye's let's play on the new release, I reckon it looks a bundle of fun and right up my street. The combat looks exciting; the story line is something I'm emotionally invested in; and the environments are so unbelievably beautiful and I'm super excited to explore them.


One of the most anticipated game releases, like, ever, I absolutely can't wait to get stuck into the new Kingdom Hearts. Trailers and teasers and gossip about the worlds involved in the new game have me stoked and on the edge of my seat, waiting for it to finally drop. I loved the initial two games - although never played any of the other DS titles etc -, and I'm looking forward to finally unravelling the new game by myself, as in the past I've played the games with a backseat gamer, haha. I love everything about the KH series - the art style, the environments, the weapons -, it really is a unique title.

What games are you excited to play this year?


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