Friday, 18 May 2018

3 Steps: Cruelty-Free Make-Up Removal

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Before we get into today's post, I'm gonna pop a quick disclaimer in here and say I am literally the worst skincare person in the world. I moisturise, I exfoliate from time to time, and I wash my face everyday, but I am horrendously bad for not washing my make-up brushes enough, popping spots and, of course, only using face wipes 90% of the week to take my make-up off.

Now that that's all out the way, going cruelty-free last year meant I've had to change quite a lot of products, including my skincare. Long gone are the Simple make-up wipes, and once I finish my pot of Nivea moisturiser, I'll be seeking out an alternative in Superdrug for that too. That said, it's actually been much easier than I thought to look for cruelty-free products considering Superdrug's own brand is CF! Nowadays, most of what I buy - from pantie liners to mouth wash - comes straight from Superdrug - my one stop shop for everything toiletries and skincare. 

In today's post, I wanted to talk through with you three of the products I use for cleansing my skin and removing make-up, as I found this a bit tricky to start with as there are a lot of options for CF on the whole so it was difficult to know where to begin.


After finding out my beloved Simple make-up wipes weren't cruelty-free, my first CF shop was one where I was determined to find an alternative. I was recommended The Body Shop's make-up wipes, but I find they are far too pricey for my fairly frugal budget, and so I searched online at Superdrug's website in search of something suitable. I really liked the look of the Vitamin E line, and so I bought a few pieces from there, including the Facial Cleaning Wipes which cost £2.99 a packet and are often on 'buy one get one half price', so I'm not spending any more than what I would have on Simple wipes.

I find these are definitely drier than Simple's, and for this reason I feel the need to follow up with micellar water, especially as I tend to wear quite heavy make-up. They get the job done and remove the brunt of the make-up without any real issue, which is all I really ask for. I did buy micellar cleansing wipes from the travel beauty section in Superdrug to pop in my handbag too, and although they aren't from the Vitamin E range, they also work relatively well.


I feel like this Superdrug option was a really fantastic find. I actually own both the Soap & Glory micellar water and this one, and I don't really think one works better than the other. I prefer the scent of the Superdrug version, but I can't really complain about any difference in performance or price points. S&G's offering comes in at £6 for a 350ml bottle, while Superdrug's is £2.99 for 200ml.

The only bad micellar water I've ever used was the Simple one, which was awful as I found it hardly removed anything and didn't help make my skin feel pleasant after. Both S&G's and Superdrug's products leave my skin feel refreshed and smooth, and easily get all the make-up out from even stubborn places like my lashes, brows and around my nose.

I used to use Garnier's micellar water, and I think these do the job just as well, but they do both have light fragrances which may be an issue if you are super sensitive. I'm not, so personally it doesn't bother me given the light freshness of the scents, but it's something to keep in mind. I don't believe there are travel sizes of either of these though, which is a shame as it would be handy to be able to buy them straight up rather than faffing around putting them into travel-friendly containers.


A holy grail product of mine, I bought the Peaches & Clean cleanser back in, like, 2016 but never really got into it until last year. This is something that I use on a near-daily basis as it makes my skin feel soft, smooth and refreshed which I absolutely love, and it even clears the skin around my nostrils which I often find can be dry and/or built up, although I do have to exfoliate separately about once a week on top of this.

It smells beautiful and I love the pump-packaging, the only downside is that when I got to the end of my first bottle I ended up having to split open the bottle and empty it into a small tupperware container, because the pump stopped working. This is just such an easy and gentle everyday product, and it does amazing at keeping my skin feeling fresh after a long day of make-up wearing. If I'm doing shoots or videos during the day, I make a point of cleansing my face after and this just makes me feel squeaky-clean and smooth which I love. Plus, it's £8 for a huge 350ml bottle which lasts forever! 

That's all for this post - what are your cruelty-free make-up removal faves?


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