Saturday, 12 May 2018

3 Promising Upcoming Horror Games

When it comes to the horror genre, nothing quite nails it on the head for me like the creators of video games. Layers of Fear, Slender: The Arrival, P.T. and The Park are just a few of those games that get the true meaning of horror bang-on. Tense atmosphere, genuine jumpscares that aren't just cheap gimmicks, and, of course, twists and turns that make you realise you're actually watching events unfold that aren't what you thought they were. Although I love horror films, I find myself more invested and immersed in the video game side of all that's dark and creepy, and while I don't play them myself (too chicken), there are some amazing-looking horror games that are up-and-coming that I hope the likes of Markiplier will get stuck into.


Due to be released in 2019 and already with a page on Steam, The Beast Inside appears to be a pretty fleshed-out horror revolving around a character who finds a hidden diary which 'carries the nightmares of the past, into the present', putting our main protagonists in imminent danger. The game is labelled as a survival horror and is said to feature 'long-buried secrets' and 'personal tragedies' that span more than a 100 years. The game looks absolutely stunning - like Ergoss it was created on the Unreal Engine 4 - and it appears a lot of love and time have gone into it so far. I can't wait to see the final result of this one.

Check out their Steam page here.


Dark (literally), tense and very reminiscent of the incredible P.T., Ergoss looks like the next best thing to the dropped Silent Hills title. Although I feel like this is probably my favourite-looking title of the lot, I actually can't find very many details about the game. The official Facebook page only says that it's being developed by a single person which is an incredible feat for something that's so spooky and beautiful looking. I'm not sure where the game is set or the premise behind it, but watch some of the gameplay here to check out its heavy atmosphere.


Although no date has been specified yet for the games release, The Peterson Case looks like a hugely exciting and intriguing horror. Although I generally prefer horror that doesn't involve combat, I'm looking forward to seeing how this 1947-set game develops. Set near the Roswell UFO incident, the game has the player seeing through the eyes of Detective Franklin Reinhardt whilst exploring an abandoned house that belonged to a now-missing family. It looks nerve-wracking, and I also love the scene in the trailer which seems to be set in a hotel - the perfect horror back drop IMO.

Watch the trailer here!

What do you make of these games? Are you excited about any of them?


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