Saturday, 26 May 2018

3 Boxsets for Sick Days

3 box sets for ill or sick days, veronica mars, friday night dinner, due south

Is there anything worse than being bed-ridden with the flu or some other shitty ailment? If there is, I can't think of it. Last September saw me have the flu for the first time in years, and I stayed in bed for five days, and stayed bunged up and gross feeling for another five after it. In this time, I relied on boxsets in my bed - and, of course, Netflix -, to get me through the days. I often dozed off in the middle of watching them, but I've seen my favourite shows more than enough to know what's going on when!

Today I thought I'd share my three must-have boxsets - despite the fact that I only own two of them, heh.


I fucking love Friday Night Dinner, and I'm so happy to see its return on Netflix - even if it's only 2 of 4 seasons. Although each season only contains about six 25-minute episodes, it's one of the funniest, enjoyable and easy to watch series' I've ever come across. Packed with laughter and ridiculousness at some of the situations, it's one to watch when you don't want to have to pay too much attention. I really need to get this on DVD.


I've had the Veronica Mars boxset for absolute donkeys now, and I'd be a little bit lost without it. I actually haven't watched it in a couple of years, so it's something I want to commit to when winter rolls around again. Veronica's life is an absolute rollercoaster and there's always drama, but her attitude and savvy are amazing. She's super clever and funny, and Kristen Bell couldn't have been more perfect if she tried. If you're unfamiliar, Veronica used to be the popular kid in high school with the perfect, hottie boyfriend until her best friend is murdered and she begins to do her own investigation into the death of Lily (played by Amanda Seyfried, btw). Her dad is a PI and formerly the county sheriff, so she gets a lot of her skills and smarts from him.


I won't talk about this one too long because I bang on about it constantly. If I had to pick my favourite TV show of all time, I'd pick Due South. It's a 90's crime-comedy-drama set in Chicago where a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Benton Fraser, and his wolf, Diefenbaker, head whilst on the trail of Fraser's father's killer. Whilst there he meets Detective Ray Vecchio from Chicago PD, who ends up reluctantly helping him out. The whole charm of this show is the street smarts from Vecchio and the polite, kind nature of Fraser, and the way their worlds and cultures totally clash and collide. It's funny and its heart-wrenching and it's so memorable. I can't recommend this series enough - you won't regret it.  

What are your favourite boxsets for sick days?


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