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15 Instagram Photo Ideas

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Whether I'm loving it or hating it, I find Instagram to be a very addictive form of social media. I love posting on it and I love seeing other people's content on my feed. I almost never find myself short of Instagram post ideas, but if you're somebody that posts multiple times a day, it can be hard to find the motivation and inspiration that you need to be posting fresh new content onto your feed. Today I thought I'd share a couple of ideas to try if you find yourself in a bit of a creative rut.

1. TRY  A NEW ANGLE | Flatlays and mirror OOTDs are absolute classics when it comes to Instagram, and you really can't go wrong. But why not try something a bit different to add a new twist to your feed? You could take a photo from down below, or do a close-up macro shot of something like flowers whilst you're out. Even switching up your classic selfy view could add something new to your feed.

2. BEHIND THE SCENES | It's nice to take a break from the 'flawless' side of Instagram, and what way to get more real than to share what you're up to? Whether it's showing off your messy work space, or just capturing a busy day out running errands, it's nice to get away from the usual Insta perfection.

3. OUTFIT DETAILS | As I still haven't mastered posing in front of the camera for outfit shots, I tend to take most of mine in the mirror. But know what else is great? Sharing the details of your outfit. Whether it's a close up of your shoes - or a view of them from your own POV -, or sharing close-ups of your jewellery or accessories, sharing your outfit details is a nice way to share your OOTD a little differently.

4. EXPERIMENT WITH LIGHTS | I don't think I'll ever be able to master this as well as the likes of Lima from Fashionicide does, but I like to sometimes pop fairy lights into the background of a standard non-flatlay photo - but you could try this with a selfys, too - and see what kind of effects I can make. I love when the lights look soft and blurred.

5. PETS | Whether you own a snake, a rabbit, or a doggo, people love pet photos. I often share snaps of friends' and neighbourhood cats because, well, I am a crazy cat lady but sadly don't own any of my own yet.

6. PRODUCT CLOSE-UPS | It's not always easy to achieve (I'm still a total noob at macro and close-up photography), but I absolutely love seeing people take close ups of their eyeshadow pans or liquid lipstick wands. There's something really satisfying about seeing the real colour and texture of a product.

7. FOOD | I don't take food shots very often because I tend to eat the same kinds of things, but there's nothing like seeing a tasty pizza or a snazzy cake on my timeline to really get my attention - and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

8. TRAVEL | Whether you're in your hometown or going on a nice vacation somewhere sunny - or snowy -, be sure to take loads of snaps for the 'gram. I tend to take loads of scenic photos when I'm on holiday and now I have a cute little camera to make my photos even better - my phone one isn't the best. I find taking lots of photos will give me loads of choice, and I pick out the best ones when I'm home to share on social media.

9. INTERIORS | Redecorating or have a favourite spot in your room or home? Share it with us and tell us why you love it so much. Don't forget to tag where you got your decorative bits and pieces - I love to get interior inspo and pick up knick-knacks for my room.

10. SHARE YOUR ART | The chances are, if you're a blogger, you're most likely a hardcore creative type. Whether you write poetry or paint with acrylics, make sure to show us a peek at what you've been working hard on lately. If you're not that brave, show us a snippet!

11. DEDICATE A POST TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE | Recently taken a cute selfy with your favourite person in the world? Whether it's your mum, your best pal or your SO, share them with us! You could add a 'how you met' story in the captions or just say something sweet so we can get to know them too.

12. SHOW OFF POLAROIDS | If you're like the many bloggers who own some sort of polaroid camera - including myself -, then taking a photo of your photos is always a cute way to show them off. Zoe London is a great example of somebody who does this well!

13. WALL ART | Whether it's top notch graffiti art or a cool neon sign in your favourite bar, there's bound to be plenty of photo-worthy spots around your hometown that are worth showcasing on Instagram.

14. NEW PRODUCTS | Got an awesome new eyeshadow palette or face cream? Share it with us! You could do a 'behind the scenes' style photo and capture yourself at your vanity whilst using it, or you could take a flatlay or hold it up against a cute background... The possibilities are endless with this one, just let your creativity run with it.

15. USE YOUR WORDS | Typically, I'm not one for posts of typed-up text, but I love a good quote and even better if it's handwritten or even done artistically like in an art journal or something. Motivate your followers with something inspiring, or let us know how you're feeling.

What are your favourite photos to see on and take for Instagram?


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