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What I've Been Watching #2

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Hey pals. Just thought I'd pop on today and share my part two of the What I've Been Watching series, and if you missed it, you can catch part one here, which I uploaded in March. I've got loads more TV shows to share with you today, so grab a cuppa and then get stuck in for some of my recommendations... and the shows to pass on!


I actually spoke about Endeavour in my Jan-Feb Favourites video as the new season had started just recently as I was filming it. Now finished, I have to say I loved every minute of Endeavour. I was never fan of the original Inspector Morse series - I feel the age of the characters and the dating of the show always put me off - but I loved Lewis and I love Endeavour even more. I'm a big fan of Shaun Evans and Roger Allam, so they're a real dream team for me to see working together. Shaun's version of Morse is brilliant; curious and sharp, a little soft but often callous. I think his character is built well and you start to understand where his actions and his attitudes come from (although his prostitute-shaming can get in the bin). If you're a fan of well-written detective shows, I recommend giving Endeavour a go. Whether you liked the original Inspector Morse or not, it's well worth a watch, and with every episode being 90 minutes there's plenty to get your teeth into. The ending of season 5 was superb and I am already pumped for season 6!

Overall rating: 5/5


Another one I mentioned in my Jan-Feb Favourites video, I started watching Merlin in Venice whilst on holiday with my mum. It was one of the only shows that didn't have Italian voices dubbed over the top, so it was one of the only things we could watch enjoyably. I loved every minute of Merlin I watched, except when Guinevere and Arthur were on screen together later in the series. Honestly, their love sick gooeyness made me want to vom and kinda put me off watching for a bit, so I never finished season 4 or watched any of season 5. What I saw of it, though, loved-up grossness aside, I loved. 

Overall rating: 5/5


I don't actually know where to start with Silent Witness, I've had mixed feelings about the new series that was on at the beginning of the year. I've been watching since about season 16, and I've been thoroughly enjoying the series ever since. I was really excited for the new season, but I felt like although the stories were great and interesting, it was far too Nikki-heavy. I understand why they went into her PTSD, that was great (although not thoroughly enough explored on screen, I feel), but her relationship with the American dude (whose name I can't remember) was just a bit sickly and unnecessary. I am far more interested in learning more about Jack (why was he really so weird with Nikki and pieing her? Can we have a more in-depth exploration of his feelings pls?)  and Clarissa (whose history we had a brief taste of) in the series, and I get that Nikki is to some extent the main star, it just seems like you have a small team of good characters - why not consistently build upon them, instead of constantly just turning to Nikki? Defo a bit of a let down in that respect, and I'm tempted to rate this 3 stars for that fact alone but the annoyances aside, the stories and murder plotlines were great.

Overall rating: 4/5 


Everyone and their mum can't stop talking about Broadchurch, and now I finally know why. I've never been one for David Tenant (I'm not much for Dr Who so I never really understood the DT hype), but I love Olivia Coleman and I really adored her character in the series. It sounds weird to type but she was so human, she didn't process the on-goings of the case like a robot detective you normally see on TV, and I thought that was great and an aspect that isn't often discussed in the majority of similar TV shows. The story was heartbreaking for her but I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend it if you have Now TV as all three seasons are available there. It's a real shame they aren't doing more, as I really liked the bond between Alec and Ellie. I absolutely loathed Jodie Whittaker's character so it's a good thing I'm no fan of the Doctor, or else I'd automatically end up hating her just bcos of her portrayal of Beth Latimer haha.

Overall rating: 5/5


A bit different to what I'd normally watch, Requiem is another BBC drama and featured some familiar faces to me - namely Richard Harrington, AKA Tom Mathias from Hinterland. Instead of being a traditional detective drama, the show focuses on a young musician whose mother inexplicably takes her own life in front of her, and she later finds odd photos in her mother's possession, which spurs her to go hunting for her own 'real' identity in Wales. It has loads of ghostly and supernatural elements and can be quite gripping and tense at times, but although I enjoyed the series right the way through, I find it fell short at the ending. I felt like a lot was left unanswered and the ending was abrupt and unsatisfying. If it wasn't for the ending, I'd have given this a higher rating, but I feel like I can't let the conclusion go as it really let me down in a big way, and I need to factor this into my final thoughts!

Overall rating: 3/5


Atypical was a show I never expected to get into, but one night whilst hanging out with one of my best friends, we decided to give it a shot. And to my surprise, I really enjoyed it, and even finished it off later at home myself. With the main protaganist being an autistic teenage boy, Sam, the show focuses on him and his family as they all struggle to do their part in navigating life and looking after Sam as best as they can. But all is not squeaky clean and the show is full of drama - but nto the kind you get tired of because they're dragging it out. The show isn't one to just sweep actions under the rug and everything has a consequence which I think is great. I'm also a fan of Kier Gilchrist after seeing him in It's Kind of a Funny Story, which was based on the book of the same name, and I think he does an excellent job as Sam.

Overall rating: 5/5


By far one of the best cop comedies on TV, if not the best, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one not to be missed. Featuring Andy Samberg plus an amazing cast with the likes of Terry Crews, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero, I love everything about this show and never tire of it. It's entertaining, a good laugh and a hell of a lot of fun, you really can't go wrong if you want some easy watching. I look forward to the new season!

Overall rating: 5/5


Unsurprisingly, this detective drama is set in the Shetland Isles and revolves around DI Jimmy Perez who juggles cases that send shock through the small community in which he lives, whilst also raising a teenage step-daughter. Each series is one whole case meaning it's super thorough, as opposed to having one case per episode. I love this series and would consider it a favourite - although Jimmy Perez isn't the most likeable detective, his partner, Tosh, more than makes up for it. Season four returned in February and this time it came with a twist that was close to home for Perez, making it quite different from the previous three seasons. It had me on edge and kept me guessing throughout, and I couldn't recommend the series more.

Overall rating: 5/5


I'm currently watching the highly talked about Grimm, where an ordinary Portland detective finds out he's actually a Grimm, a person who is supposed to rid the world of the fairytale-like creatures that inhabit it. Deciding to carve his own path by choosing to not kill every Wesen (the creatures) in sight, but instead track them down and arrest them when and if they commit a crime, he is up against a whole world that he's constantly learning more about. I really love Nick and Hank as a partnership, and I'm really glad that - I'm watching season 2, FYI - Hank finally knows about everything. I can imagine this is a show that may end up getting boring or full of drama and become annoying, but so far I'm loving every second of it. Juliette is boring AF and I kinda wish she wasn't in it, but Monroe more than makes up for it, as does Rosalee. I think all in all, Monroe is the main reason I watch it. He's so likeable and just seems like a dude you'd wanna grab a cider with (those big Blutbad teeth aside). I hope this doesn't end up going downhill!

Overall rating (so far): 5/5

What have you been watching recently?


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