Monday, 19 February 2018

How I'm Improving My Self-Care Routine

Back in my 5 Goals for 2018 blog post, I talked briefly about wishing to improve the way I look after myself. It's an easy, broad sort of thing to say, but in this post I want to break down some of the steps that I'm taking to get myself in a better frame of mind. 


As I write this, I have not yet returned to counselling, but have every intention of emailing a counsellor to see if we can set up an initial appointment and work out if we're a good fit. The doctor I'm currently seeing made it quite clear that I'll get bounced back if I request to be put through on the NHS, so I'm turning to private counselling which my mum has generously offered to fund. I have a recommendation from one of my brother's friends, and I look forward to trying to work through things - although I am terrified, too.


Since January I've been on anti-depressants, which is a pretty big step for me. I've avoided turning to anti-depressants for nearly seven years, but with recent life events added to the way I'm feeling on the whole, it seemed about time I let myself turn for some extra help. I don't know how long I'll take them for, and right now, I haven't been taking them long enough to notice any huge changes. But nonetheless, I think this is a step in the right direction.


In the above mentioned post, I briefly touched on the idea of wanting to eat better and develop a much healthier relationship with food than that which I currently have. As it stands, I'm cutting out some of the junk food I have previously been eating on a daily basis. The break-up left me with little appetite, and even now I only really indulge when I'm at the cinema or hanging out with one of my friends indoors. I'm trying to keep myself away from sneaking into my chocolate stash often.


I'm making plans where I can. I almost always need time in between socialising to recharge and be alone and chill, but I'm utilising the small group of friends I have to take my mind off of everything that's going on right now, and to have fun and enjoy myself. On most Mondays I take myself to Costa so that I'm getting out the house - and it also helps me to focus on getting blog work and the dreaded Tweet scheduling done.


It may seem silly, but I want to focus on the bare minimum of self-care, as well as everything else, and this means getting out of bed, getting myself into the shower, and making sure to wash my hair when it needs, rather than going a week and a half without it. I'm painting my nails, I'm wearing make-up when I want to, and I even recently cut and dip-dyed my hair. I'm hoping that feeling a bit better about my outward appearance will help me feel at least a little better on the inside.

Are there any other steps I should be taking? 


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