Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Correcting Tired Eyes

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You may have seen me mention quite a lot in recent months how tired I am. I'm permanently drained and exhausted due to so many - too many - life changes, and I've become heavily reacquainted with my old nemesis, depression. Due to all this, my sleep hasn't been great, and I fluctuate between oversleeping and under-sleeping constantly. As a result, my under-eyes ain't looking so hot, and they're defo not designer by any stretch of the imagination.

Today, I thought I'd share some of the products I'm using and the steps I'm taking to help deal with my dark under-eyes in case any of you are struggling too.


Colour-correcting is a trend I still haven't quite managed to master, with most products leaving me dissatisfied or better yet, green-tinged even with foundation on top. Peachy colour correctors, however, have been a life saver for me in recent years when I've found my dark eyes more prominent. They're by far the easiest colour-correcting tool to use IMO as they are much easier to cover up and don't sit unnaturally under the skin. In the main, I use the Pixi Colour Concentrate in Brightening Peach. Although it's quite expensive, a little goes a long way. For those of you on a budget, however, the MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Correcting Cream in Peach works just as well and is a mere fraction of the price. Apologies for mine being all gross in the above photos - I managed to break the lid off when I was in Amsterdam last year!


I always apply my foundation between concealer and colour-correctors, so make sure to do this first. Then go in with a blendable, brightening concealer. I find my everyday concealer works just fine to do the job, perking up the under-eyes without being too stark. My weapon of choice is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, and I now use the new shade in 0 Extra Fair. The upside down triangle trick helps to brighten the face, but honestly I'm really bad for just slathering concealer under the eyes. Heh.


To keep everything ship-shape all day, go in with a powder. To avoid the cakey look, make sure to avoid anything too flat and heavy so I actually don't use more mattifying powders. I prefer to use my Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder but I know this is pretty much impossible to get a hold of in the UK, so a good loose powder will do the trick as you can quickly get rid of all the excess. An alternative would be the RCMA No Color Powder which I hear everyone talking about and I know is cruelty-free, but also a banana powder could be worth a shot and I have heard loads of good things about the Make-Up Revolution one. (Banana powders are something I've yet to try, although I know I should!)


To help draw away from my under-eyes, I tend to focus on my eye-makeup, in particular, brightening the inner corners can really help to draw eyes away from any remnants of dark circles and can make you look much more awake than you feel. I love golden and champagne tones, or even silvery-whites. The Kat Von D Metal Crush eyeshadow in Thunderstruck is one of my favourites, but I also love my Topshop highlighters in Crescent Moon and Sunbeam (one more flesh-toned, the other golden), and my BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes 1 & 2 palettes give plenty of inner corner options for foily-goodness.


Another way to help open up your eyes and make yourself look awake and bright-eyed is to add a nice lengthening and curling mascara. I tend to use the same mascara all the time which isn't particularly curling - the Essence Volume Lash Princess mascara -, but honestly, whatever mascara you like will most likely suffice. Just make sure to curl your lashes beforehand! I'm awful for forgetting to do this - in fact, there's been plenty of times where I've forgotten to put mascara on full-stop - but the difference it makes is phenomenal. 

What are your tips for helping to brighten and correct tired eyes?


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