Monday, 12 February 2018

A Wardrobe Update

It's been a while since I checked in with you guys about my style journey. I recently talked about my struggle to push out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion, and the fact that in particular, I really feel like I need to try more than just skinny jeans when it comes to what I wear on the bottom of whatever ensemble I've put together. Today I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I've purchased in recent month as additions to my wardrobe, and attempts in pushing my style boundaries.


A style purchase I never thought I'd make is the popular OTK boots. I've been seeing them everywhere on everyone, and I thought I'd try my hand at them. If I'm completely honest? I've barely worn mine so far, but if, like me, you're a bit leg-conscious, they make the perfect pairing with either playsuits, shorts or skirts. I'm not a fan of tights and much prefer to be bare-legged, but it's quite scary having to get my chubby, Casper-like pins out, so OTK boots are a bit of a compromise. 


I'm obsessed with the vinyl trend, and as a former alt-kid this shouldn't be much of a surprise as it's a little bit more on the "edgy" (ugh) side of fashion than your average fabric. That said, it's definitely a bit of a scary thing to style. I've found I like the look of my vinyl skirt with an oversized t-shirt (the less skin it shows, the better and more casual it feels), and a pair of boots. So far I've only really worn this with ankle boots, but in the summer I think it would suit a pair of fishnet tights and Converse for something that's much more relaxed and less intimidating, but on a good ol' fashioned date night (not that I'll be going on those any time soon), I think a pair of OTK boots would work well.


In all my years of experimenting with my style, I've not often been one for the whole plaid thing. It's only recently, with my purchase of plaid trousers, that I've grown to quite like it. My second plaid purchase was a bargain zip-front skirt from I Saw It First that cost me just a fiver. It's grey and white, meaning it's not intimidating colour-wise, and I think it would look good with OTK boots, Converse, or could be dressed up with heels. I plan on wearing mine with jumpers and t-shirts. When it comes to mini-skirts, I prefer to wear a little more on top to balance it out.


In the post I mentioned at the beginning of this one, I talked about the fact that I've ventured into flares - definitely a surprising addition to my wardrobe. I find myself very averse to anything that resembles the 60's or 70's fashion styles, so I never ever saw myself buying a pair of flares, but I do love them - my velvet ones in particular. So far I'm a little bit limited in how to style them but that's more to do with the length resulting in me being unable to wear them with flat shoes, otherwise, I'd find them to be a very versatile piece.


I love to see people styling joggers with heels and blazers, and the sports luxe look has very much been on my radar for quite some time, and it's something I've wanted to try for a while. Whilst I haven't quite gone the whole 'sports luxe' hog, I'm really enjoying entering what I call my 'nice' joggers - as opposed to the cottons I wear around the house - into my outfits. I've been wearing them with jumpers or t-shirts and my Vans Old Skool dupes. Once the weather gets better (read: there's less ice and snow), I look forward to wearing them with my silver foil boots as they look super jazzy together.

Have you been trying out any new styles lately?


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