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Pushing Out of My Comfort Zone

uk bloggers, how to wear flares, how to style flares, petite flares, uk fashion bloggers, street style,

uk bloggers, how to wear flares, how to style flares, petite flares, uk fashion bloggers, street style,

2017 was the year fashion and my personal style became all about comfort. Not in the practical sense, more that I found my daily uniform, and I very rarely strayed from it. I became the owner of a ridiculous amount of v-neck t-shirts (mostly from Primark and Forever 21), and I wore them regularly with jeans and either ankle boots or my Converse (usually depending on if I was wearing skinnies or boyfriend jeans). Although I love this combination - in particular, skinnies and ankle boots with my v-necks -, I found myself growing incredibly bored of my wardrobe. I'd built it almost entirely from scratch, starting the year out with a few key pieces here and there, and slowly building what I thought was my ultimate, go-to library of clothing.

Towards the end of the year, however, I felt trapped and limited. I didn't experiment with new pieces in my wardrobe, and I didn't buy items that were on trend to at least give them a shot. I didn't touch vinyl, flares, mini-skirts or OTK boots. I didn't even entertain the idea of attempting to inject a new style into my wardrobe that I've been admiring for years - sports luxe. I adore the idea of effortlessly styling joggers with heeled boots, and I've always wanted to find new and alternative ways of maturing my previously 'alt' style. My Claire Marshall inspired gets ups are effortless and look great, but I was in desperate need of a new fix, a new style, a new wardrobe. 

But the trouble? My wardrobe was bursting, I had very little I felt I didn't wear, and my self-consciousness fucks with me even today, so trying out a new style is so much harder than I expected. In the last few months I've made countless fashion orders from all sorts of high-street and online retailers, trying to find something that would stick, but I ended up returning about 90% of them. For me, it's all about finding the right bottoms. I basically live in my black skinny jeans, and I knew that needed to change. 

Enter Boohoo and their gorgeous velvet flares from the Petite range. I never thought I'd wear flares again in my life until I purchased these in red, and then quickly followed up by buying them in black too. They are so comfortable and easy to wear - although I find the black sit more snugly and take a lot more effort to pull on - and it prompted me to look up some more pairs of flares. This pair from Missguided were even more out of the ordinary for me, as I haven't worn patterned trousers - no matter how subtle - in such a long time. Although I recently bought my checked pair from Pretty Little Thing, they were effortless. This pinstripe pair of flares, on the other hand, felt odd and unusual for me. A different style and cut, and a pattern? I'd set myself a challenge, alright.

Despite buying all my flares from the Petite ranges, I find that they're all too long unless I wear them with my stacked heel ankle boots (or, you know, actual heels). This is my only gripe with any of the trousers I've been talking about, as it means I can't currently style them with the likes of Converse or my Vans dupes. 

uk bloggers, how to wear flares, how to style flares, petite flares, uk fashion bloggers, street style,

uk bloggers, how to wear flares, how to style flares, petite flares, uk fashion bloggers, street style,

For me, styling flares has been a bit of a challenge. My go-to look is to put them on with a jumper as it's easy to wear and casual, but I do want to try wearing them with other things. I don't want to risk any sort of hippy-esque look, but it's been limiting that I've only been able to wear them with a heel. I'm actually a bit self-conscious in them because of how figure-hugging they are, too. There's no escaping the fact that I like cake when it comes to wearing flares! I am determined when the weather gets warmer to start styling them with sleeveless tops and crop tops, etc. I may also see if I can get the hems taken up to allow them to be more of a versatile piece in my wardrobe - with a stacked heel they're the perfect length, so I hope they're not too short afterwards if I took them up.

Jumper: H&M • Flares: Missguided • Boots (old): Missguided

I'd love to get more inspiration for wearing my flares - how do you like to style yours?

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