Monday, 8 January 2018

An Out of This World Highlight Palette

primark lunar glow highlight palette review

As far as drugstore make-up goes, we've got it pretty good these days. So much so that even the likes of Primark have gone from cheapy 50p pencils to actually worthwhile £1.50 liquid lipsticks, but despite knowing this, I'm still a bit hesitant when it comes to beauty bits from the high street store. I buy half my wardrobe from the place, but when it comes to cosmetics and things going near my eyes, I can get a little nervous, and don't get me wrong I've definitely come across some crap Primark buys in my time, but this little palette that recently launched is a game-changer.

The Lunar Glow Highlighter Palette retails at just £5 for four massive pans of highlighter. They're pigmented, shimmery, and duo-chrome, and they're honestly some of the best drugstore highlighters I've ever tried. If you're into the natural glow, they're not gonna be for you - these colours seriously pack a punch. There's a violet with a blue shift; a white with a pink shift (very similar to MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Peach Diamond); a green with a gold shift; and a flat-out silver. They all apply beautifully with a fan brush - I use the Real Techniques one - and they last well. Despite being powders, they aren't chalky or chunky, and they're not thick with glitter particles. They give glow and shimmer, with alien out-of-this-world vibes 

You don't need to worry about product dropping or disappearing from your face with this palette, as it lasts all day on top of my foundation whether or not I use a setting spray. Each shade is pigmented and melds perfectly into the skin, so you're paying £5 for all the shades - not just two or three. If you're somebody who's interested in the more 'out there' shades of highlighter, then I highly recommend that you pick up this palette before it goes!

primark lunar glow highlight palette review

primark lunar glow highlight palette review

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