Wednesday, 31 January 2018

An Ode to the NYX Butter Gloss

nyx butter gloss

Never did I see the day that I would actually really enjoy, buy and reach for a lip gloss. For what feels like my entire life I have been reaching for matte liquid lipsticks - I love products I don't have to worry about touching up too much, so gloss never seemed like an option. Add in the fact that they're almost always guaranteed to be sticky - therefore getting my hair stuck in them -, generally heavy and unpleasant, and often bleed out of the lip line, I've basically had my fair share of gloss horror stories and it's just about put me off them for life.

Enter the NYX Butter Gloss, something I borrowed off my mum (I am clearly not that worried about being hygienic with lip products) when I was sitting down to film a video and was having issues with my lips being extremely dry. The idea of putting a lipstick or, God forbid, an actual matte liquid lip on filled me with dread, as I knew how unbearably flaky and grim my lips would look underneath, so I opted to try a sheer gloss, and ended up including it in my August Favourites vid cos it was that good

I've tried the NYX Intense Butter Gloss products in the past, and was left bitterly disappointed. As I feel like I should've known, I found them to be uncomfortable, heavy and sticky on the lips. Even with a lip pencil on underneath, I found the gloss to feather outside the lip line. It's a shame because the shades in the line-up were stunning, so I really wanted it to work out. 

I had much better luck with the original NYX Butter Gloss line-up. I find them to be pleasant, soft and comfortable on the lips, without being too sticky. They are definitely not heavy or tacky, making them genuinely a joy to wear on the lips. The glosses are surprisingly pigmented, although the bolder shades - like the black and purple - definitely need a lip liner on underneath to boost the colour. For the black I use the liner from a Makeup Revolution lip kit that released last Halloween, and for purple I used a pencil that was a near perfect match which I found in Primark, also at the tail end of last year. 

OK, the lasting power isn't amazing. They practically disappear when you drink with them on, never mind eat, but I can't resist the glossy, full look they give to the lips, and the fact that NYX have made glosses in such unique colours really makes me happy because a reliable neutral or two is fab, but nothing interests me more than a pop of lip colour that's a wee bit different.

L-R: Ginger Snap, Gelato, Cranberry Biscotti, Black Berry Pie, Praline

Have you tried the NYX Butter Gloss line?


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