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Am I Still Alternative?

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When I was 8, I discovered Avril Lavigne. With her Converse, her ties, and her black nail polish she was suddenly everything I wanted to be. And thus began my ongoing years of being a little bit in the alternative bracket of fashion.

Let's face it, nobody really likes to label themselves. I mean, I don't think they do - I don't, now I'm 23, and haven't for the last few years. Rewind a good seven years though and I'd have been proud as fuck to tell you I'm an emo kid. If anything, I leaned more towards what the kids called scene, as I was all about hot pink skinny jeans and ridiculously oversized Etnies - much bigger than those you'd find if you Googled 'women's Etnies' these days. We're talking baby-Justin-Bieber oversized.

In the last few years, as my personal style has grown and changed, I've tried to put the grunge, the emo, the scene kid gal behind me. No longer do I want to be associated with pyramid stud belts; the classic black Converse and black skinny jeans look; the Effy Stonem vibes. In recent years I've been channelling Claire Marshall vibes - easy going, laid back, casual chic. Give me all the v-necks, the skinny jeans, the cute ankle boots. And now in the last six months my style has been developing and evolving again - this time I'm venturing out into culottes; flares; jumpsuits - things I never dreamt of really wearing two years ago, let alone seven. 

But with that comes the question - am I still alternative? I find myself reaching for my Vans dupes rather often and I still love a good pair of punky check trousers. I still wear classic band tees like Iron Maiden and Aerosmith, and I still adore a good flannel shirt. There are things that have taken a backseat nowadays, like the Doc Marten dupes I bought from H&M which now only come out if it's a) extremely muddy or b) extremely snowy; or the coloured skinny jeans; or the bright animal prints. These are things I don't wear anymore and have long since parted with (boots aside), but I still keep aspects of 'alternative' in my wardrobe, and no matter how my style may change, I always find myself unable to let go of certain aspects of the alt style, and it's not just an inability to let go - it's that I like these things, and wish to continue wearing them.

uk bloggers, alt style, alternative style, uk fashion bloggers, street style, grunge style

uk bloggers, alt style, alternative style, uk fashion bloggers, street style, grunge style

I can't wear a full-on 'alt' outfit and take myself seriously. I feel like I've reverted back to sixteen-year-old me and while I don't look back and hate me at the time, I was a bit of a dick back then because I didn't know much of the world. I was just a kid in school, and I was a kid who wore the emo badge with pride which, obviously, makes me fucking cringe. I feel silly when I wear those outfits, and I've no longing to put power into them, or to feel confident in them, because they aren't my style. When I originally thought of taking photos for this post, I thought about teaming my check trousers with a band tee and Converse. Then I tried on the outfit and realised how wrong it felt. That's not me anymore.

I swapped the Converse for the Vans dupes that I bought from Primark mid-2017, but these shoes are pretty interchangeable for me. I think I wear my pretend Vans a lot more now than my Converse, but both provide an effortless look and are extremely comfortable. Instead of a band tee, I pulled on a plain striped v-neck (also from Primark). If I'm 100% honest, this is the outfit I usually wear if I meet my mum for breakfast after I've finished a shift at work! It's not the cosiest but it's definitely the comfiest and feels very cool and casual. These trousers from Pretty Little Thing - which seem to have sold out in red bar size 12, but they're still available in black and white - sit a little thin and I'm not quite convinced they're worth the whole £18 price tag, but they fit the bill and I don't mind splashing out a little as it's not something I often do. This outfit, to me, leans 'alt' without being too reminiscent of my teen years so it's a nice, comfortable, halfway point between the two.

I guess the whole point in this ramble is just a small exploration of my past style and my current evolution. I still love the alt style on other people - Zoe London, Helen Anderson, and Jess from Foxxtailz are all amazing examples of alt fashion bloggers - but it's not really for me. I'll always keep elements of an alt girl in my style, and I'll always feel at home in my Converse trainers, but for me in 2018, it's all about heeled, pointy-toed boots; velvet; lace; v-necks; vinyl skirts; and a ton of style experimentation.

Hoodie: H&M Kids • Tee (old): Primark • Trousers: Pretty Little Thing • Shoes: Primark

uk bloggers, alt style, alternative style, uk fashion bloggers, street style, grunge style


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