Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My Formula for Writing an In-Depth Beauty Review

Ever since I wrote my first in-depth beauty review on this blog (about the LA Splash liquid lipsticks, if you're wondering as it's now no longer live), I've stuck by a strict plan of what to include in my reviews. I don't know about you guys, but I really don't like to read a review post that tells me that it's good and it's [insert number here] quid. Soz, but that's not a review to me! Each to their own but I find informative reviews to be the best - EmilyNoel83 on YouTube is by far one of my favourites to watch for her reviews. So, I thought today I'd share my formula that I use every time I write a product review. I think this generally covers the gist of a product - but who knows? Maybe others think this isn't in-depth enough. I hope this helps and gives you a rough guide in what kind of things you could include and write about in your review, and what to perhaps look for when testing out the product!


You want to include the most basic of basic info here. Include where to buy, the price, what the product is supposed to do, and all the the technical stuff like packaging and product size.

  • Where to find it
  • Price
  • Any update versions & differences
  • Claims
  • Shade range
  • How much product you get
  • Packaging


Now how does the product work? How does it last? Give us the nitty gritty on just how well your product performs.

  • How it applies and feels
  • How it wears
  • How easy it is to reapply
  • Inconsistencies in shades
  • How each shade applies
  • How shade looks in the tube vs real life
  • Any complaints


This part is essentially a summary where you quickly round up the pros and cons and tell us if you'd buy the product again, and if not, then why not?

I hope this helps you to write your next beauty review! What do you usually include in your reviews? Have I missed anything?


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