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8 Underrated Female Musicians

Sometimes I think we just don't give lady musicians enough credit. We know the Rhianna's, the Lady Gaga's, the Miley's. And they're great! (Espesh Miley, have you guys heard Younger Now? Sooo good.) But today I wanted to share the love for 8 other female musicians that are really kicking ass. You don't need awards to be amazing, but I thought it would be nice to shed some light on these women and give them the recognition they deserve! (Granted, a few of these have loyal fanbases but seem to be dismissed easily on the whole).


Now, hear me out. She's not as "controversial" as you might think. Despite her blunder on the Australian X-Factor, I think that Natalia is one talented Mrs. Now going by her nickname-and-husband's-last-name, Teddy Sinclair, an obvious name change that resulted from the backlash she received over the fuck up on the scripted reality show, she's pumping out new music under her three-piece, female-fronted band, Cruel Youth. Although people see the irony in this due to what she went through on the programme, I see this as an extension of Natalia's original music. Trouble, her 2013 release, is by far one of my favourite albums, and her fusion of pop and dark, lethal lyrics is, IMO, genius. She's been through a lot and carries this into the 2013 release, giving her life story in an album of memories. If you want to be convinced of her talent, just pop on the track Marlboro Lights. However, Saturday Night, Daddy's Girl, Television, Watching You and Trouble are some of my other faves from the album.


MKS, AKA the original Sugababes, are some of the most talented women in the music industry - just one listen to their live concerts and you can see how incredible they are. Mutya, Kiesha and Siobhan (the combination obv making the band's name) boast beautiful vocals and dropped their first single Flatline in 2013. They did confirm this year that they're still a band and hoping to make more music, but we haven't actually heard much from them since Flatline, other than that they've obtained the legal rights to the Sugababes title. We don't have much else to go on at the moment but I hope that they return with a bang - One Touch was always my favourite Sugababes album and Heidi never did Siobhan any justice, vocally (soz).


Nicola seems to the the most underrated of Girls Aloud. I don't know about you guys, but since Cheryl started making music, I assumed that all members of GA didn't know how to sing, so imagine my surprise when, back in the days that I had Tumblr, I stumbled across Nicola's video for Yo-Yo, which struck me so hard. It's a powerful song with a powerful video, and I was delighted to find that she's just as insanely talented IRL - it's not the studio that's making her sound this good. If you need proof, check out her live version of Porcelain Heart performed at G-A-Y. Her pop anthems are bound to get stuck in your head but there's also a couple of darker tracks on her debut album Cinderella Eyes. I'm still waiting for more new music from Nicola, so watch this space. If you need some motivation on a shit day, Gladiator is the track you wanna listen to. Also worth noting Cinderella's Eyes, Porcelain Heart, Say it Out Loud, Take a Bite, and Beat of My Drum.


One of my biggest inspirations, Avril Lavigne is such an underrated musician. She gets passed off for not being an angst-ridden teenager anymore, and then she gets criticised for experimenting when making a song featuring Hello Kitty. And then she gets moaned at for trying too hard to be something she's not with the release of Bad Girl, and her ballad with then-husband Chad Kroger is labelled as 'cheesy 'and 'lame'. As far as critics go, she can't do any right. On the contrary, in my eyes, she can't do any wrong. I haven't heard a song by Avril that I haven't loved with my heart and soul, including B-sides and demos that barely got to see the light of day. With 5 albums to choose from, I'd be here all day recommending you songs, but some of my favourites from her recent album include Rock N' Roll, Give You What You Like, Bad Girl, Let Me Go, Sippin' on Sunshine and You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet. She's a pop princess that isn't afraid to experiment with her sound, and there's nothing wrong with that. Also, dem vocals. *heart eye emoji*


Although I only own one album by the Estonian pixie-looking pop artist, Love is Dead, it's an album that has resonated with me well after I first discovered it in my teens. With dark lyrics and synthy-pop, she makes some really awesome, unique tracks. It incorporates a whole host of different sounds, with a variety of mixed pop music as well as elements of electronic and heavier, rock sounds, and her vocals are as unique and distinguishable as the likes of Ellie Goulding and Marina & The Diamonds - you know the voice as soon as it hits you! The first track, which shares its name with the album, is one of my favourites, as well as Bulletproof and Hurt Me, but the whole album is worthy of a good, long listen.


OK, another one who isn't exactly under the radar, but she's definitely easily dismissed. Easily at home in her dance pop music of the early 2000s, Sophie has grown as a person and it shows in her change in music. Still true to her infectious, rhythmic roots, her most recent album, Familia, launched just over a year ago and, from what I've heard so far, is as wonderful as I'd have expected. I adore her voice as it's super unique, and I find it actually strangely comforting to listen to. One of my all time favourite songs is an older one called Today the Sun's on Us. Also, for you beauty geeks, her makeup is always totally stunning! 


Swedish DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona have been on my radar since I was 17/18. I don't remember how I came across them, but I remember totally falling in love with their debut album I Love You, Man. Their song Dance was the first one I heard and still one of my favourites - it makes me nostalgic for dark nights out in town and I've honestly no idea why as I didn't know anybody else who listened to them so it's not like they ever got played in clubs or parties. I'm a big fan of the songs Jane Doe and Bulletproof as well, which were a couple of the lead singles, but in all honesty I can't sit here and give you a favourite - the whole album is incredible. As I'm writing this post in September, I've yet to pick up their second album, but fear not! I plan to buy it before the year is up as it's been on my list for a long time. Also their aesthetic is very Baby Spice x Clueless with a dash of 60s and I'm fascinated with their styles.


Last, but not least, I had to give a shout out to Lovestarrs, now known as Sazzie. Originally The Good Natured, Sarah McIntosh fronted the band with her brother, Hamish, the bassist, and their drummer, George, and they played dark synth-pop music. After TGN were dropped from their label and unable to obtain the rights to their shelved debut album, Hamish and Sarah went on to become Lovestarrs, who dropped their new album, Planet Lovestarr, earlier this year. Boasting bubblegum pop with a sassy 80's edge, it was pretty much my dream musical concoction. Finally, and sadly, Hamish departed also to pursue his own goals and so Sarah has continued to grow and rebrand as Sazzie. Not the name choice I'd have picked but who the fuck cares? Sarah is an incredibly talented songwriter (she writes for other artists too) and has a stunning voice and an amazing way of creating music. I really hope she continues with the bubblegum/80's mix of music as it suits her so well - but I also hope she continues to grow and experiment. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her. Highlights from Planet Lovestarr (although I adore the entire thing) include Kids Again, Somebody Like You, Bullet, Without You, London Town, Frank Sinatra, Barflies & Drop Dead Gorgeous. And that's about as well as I can narrow down the list. 

Who have I left off this list? If there's an under the radar pop artist I need to know about, tell me in the comments!


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