Wednesday, 25 October 2017

3 Autumn Beauty Staples

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I'm not somebody who changes up their make-up seasonally - I prefer to just wear whatever I like all year round. But there are some beauty trends that are classics for a reason - dark lips in autumn, bright eyes in summer, dewy skin in spring. Out all of these, the classic berry shades, dark lips and red tones in the colder months have to be my favourite, and I can't help but come back to carry out these trends every A/W. Today I thought I'd share three staples of my autumn make-up bag that are perfect for those colder nights.


This shade is so unique to me, and I own nothing else like it in my collection - nor have I ever, even before decluttering my lipsticks. Dominatrix is a beautiful deep reddish brown shade that looks stunning paired with gold or bronze eyes. I prefer to pair this lip with lots of highlight and flawless skin as it makes the lips the real focal point which I think this kind of colour deserves. It's super vampy and works well for smouldering dates and nights on the town, too.


The Neutrals vs New-trals palette is a best seller for a reason, and although I don't give it the love it deserves on a daily basis, I still consider it one of my favourite palettes. Being a Make-Up Revolution product, I find the shadows are pigmented, easy to blend and a dream to apply. I don't find any shades are lack-lustre and the choice of colours compliment one another perfectly. The taupe shades are perfect for everyday while the plum colours will amp up your look for a smoky eye. And, my favourite of all, are the red tones - vivid and unlike most colours you'll come across in the drugstore. 


Space Cake is a really 'out-there' kinda shade and is the one and only sparkly blue-black in my collection. It's a beautiful colour that I've never seen anywhere else and if you're familiar with the Beauty Bakerie formula, you'll know that they just don't budge. They're a lip product that's basically life-proof, and although comfort is sacrificed a little, I don't find the formula to be nearly as drying as many other liquid lipsticks. This bold metallic shade needs to be built up in layers by carefully dabbing product on - I've found that all Lip Whips need to be 'dabbed' rather than 'swiped' after a certain point as it applies the colour better. Once it's on, however, it's on, and you don't really need to worry about topping it up.

What are your must-haves in your autumn beauty routine?


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