Saturday, 14 October 2017

2 Ways to Wear: The Mesh Tee

I need to get a lot more use out of my mesh t-shirts, so today I decided to share with you just two ways you can style them. They are such an easy piece to wear, and if you're brave enough, they look amazing with a harness bra or sporty crop top on underneath them as well. I prefer to wear mine with a tank top underneath and so that's what I stuck with. I did intend on sharing a third outfit in this post but I actually ended up really disliking the look, so these are a couple of casual ways to wear your mesh tee. I picked up this piece from Forever 21 a few months back and the colour is to die for! It was a little clingy and staticy at first so to fight this I sprayed a lot of Febreeze on it and left it to dry.

For the first look I kept things pretty simple by throwing them on with  a pair of plain black culottes I bought from Boohoo. I think this is the look I'd choose to wear a crop top with as it's really casual and comfy, and tbh, anything beats wearing a proper bra these days haha. I wear my culottes with flat shoes and so I opted for my Converse and threw on this Primark velour bomber jacket on over the top. If you're looking for more inspo on how to style your culottes, check out this post.

This is my favourite way to wear the mesh tee - a chunky, padded bomber jacket (Primark); pointy ankle boots (Missguided) and black skinnies (Matalan). I wore this to meet a friend for drinks in July and it kept me super comfortable and relatively cosy all night. I'm obsessed with anything that's white (faux) leather and these boots are pretty much my life! I talked about them in a haul video back in August which you can check out here if you want, but I've worn them non-stop since I purchased them in April, and they've even beaten my old grey ankle boots as being my go-to-shoes and I lived in those things. 

I don't think you can go wrong with skinny jeans as they are so versatile and easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. This tee is quite long so I prefer to have it tucked in. This would've also looked like a really nice outfit with a leather jacket as opposed to my bomber jacket if that's more your thing, but I adore this combination.

How do you like to style the mesh tee?


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