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Polished by Leanne Nail Varnish | Cocoa & Confidence

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Try as I might to stop collecting them, I'm a bit of a nail polish junkie. Every time a new line launches, I'm there Googling swatches. When new shades are released from my favourite collection, I buy them despite owning about five similar shades (although I've scaled back on this this year!). My mother isn't much better, and between us we have amassed quite the rainbow-hued assembly of nail varnish shades - and we literally just threw a ton of expired and no-longer-used ones out last year! 

The latest gems to land in my collection are a couple of shades by the amazing and lovely blogger known as Leanne, from the blog and shop Polished by Leanne. She makes the nail varnishes herself and labels them with her own logo, finishing the parcel off with her business card. Not only is it always fantastic to support bloggers in general, but when it's helping them to pay their bills then you can rest easy knowing your money is being well spent for both parties!

I'd been eyeing up some of Leanne's nail varnish shades for a while but in all honesty, buying them was often something that slipped my mind - I make such long wishlists that I often end up overwhelming myself as I fight the urge to spend my entire wages the day after payday. Recently though, Polished by Leanne has had a sale on, and not only did this make me get my shit together, but also the fact that a few of the shades I really wanted were low on stock helped too. 

For my first order I nabbed two shades at £2.50 each - normally the nail varnishes come with a £5 price tag, and considering these are handmade products from a lady running her own business, I'm happy to pay that money and I think it's still super affordable! I picked up Confidence, a stunning electric blue with sparkles, and Cocoa, a pretty orangey-tan shade that's actually quite similar to Jeffree Star's Pumpkin Pie liquid lipstick! Cocoa doesn't have any shimmer but I don't think it needs it. I don't have any shades like Cocoa and Confidence in my collection - I really try to seek out the most unusual shades these days. Long gone are my days of picking up neutral after neutral, lilac after lilac. Now I tend to gravitate towards colours I don't already own, and the two I picked up from Leanne fit the bill perfectly.

The consistency of these does sit a little thin for my tastes, as I prefer to generally use two coats for my nail varnish, and for the photo below I used three. That said, I find that thicker formulas are more prone to chipping, so I'm hoping that this runnier formula will help with the staying power. Since it was my first time wearing these, I opted against using any base or top coats to see how the formulas lasted on their own. It was very easy and quick to coat my nails and the layers dried fairly quickly - of both, Confidence dried the fastest. 

At day four, Wednesday, I noticed some minor chipping on the very tips of my nails but nothing too dramatic - essentially what I would find with most nail varnishes! No polish I own can stand up and endure what my hands go through on night shift, which I work Thurs-Sat, so I don't ever consider this as a real test for any shade.

I'm really pleased with how these have worked out - they don't feel thick on my nails so I haven't ever worried about smudging them upon painting, nor have I been concerned about taking chunks of the nail varnish out just by typing or washing dishes. I have my eye on another shade and when I told my mum about them, she even bought a couple for us! (Don't worry, they are also unlike most in our collection!) Oh, and one of the best parts about these nail varnishes is that they're cruelty free! Yay!

polished by leanne, swatches, review, cocoa, confidence, cruelty free, nail varnish, nail polish, indie brands,

Make sure you check out Leanne's blog and shop! What are your favourite shades from the range?


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