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Disappointing Products Round-Up #1

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Over the last couple of years, I've accumulated a lot of disappointing products. Some I've already voiced (Jeffree Star Queen Bee, I'm looking at you), and a lot of which I haven't discussed. So, today I thought I'd do a small round up of the disappointing products I've gathered and let you know why it just wasn't working. There's a lot more products than what I'm sharing today, but I figure I've got plenty of time to get round to them all in the future. Also stay tuned as I plan on doing a face full of make-up I hate! I'll leave the link for that below whenever I film it and it goes live! 


I really don't have a whole lot to say about this one - it just didn't work for me. It really wasn't great at removing make-up and didn't glide across my skin like most other micellar waters do. It struggled with waterproof formulas and the likes of brow pomades, and it didn't pick up every trace of my foundation. Given that I've been using Simple wipes for years, this was a total let down. Also, yes, I know Simple aren't CF - I bought this stuff ages ago and have already found a replacement for my well-loved make-up wipes!


I don't remember what inspired me to buy this palette. I just remember scrolling down the MUA website one day, casually browsing, and saw this palette and thought I need this in my life. I think I just liked that the concealers and correctors were all in one handy travel-friendly palette, and the fact that the bottom shades looked suitable for contouring or at least bronzing was an added bonus. Fast-forward to when this palette arrived and I remembered why I tend to stay clear of cream-based MUA products like this. Some of them are decent enough - I have the single under-eye corrector and it works just as well as my Pixi Brightening Peach Colour Corrector - but this palette worked about as well for me as the Pro-Base Conceal & Brighten product (i.e. it didn't work at all). The consistency is thin and greasy, and I find that it's lacking in both staying power and real oomph - the pigmentation isn't dire, but it's not enough to cover up my horrific breakouts and the consistency is too slippery to stay put on my nose for more than five seconds.


George at Asda had (and possibly still have, I haven't looked at the range in months and it doesn't appear to be online) an entire range of this Super Boost labelled stuff, and it looked to be modelled on Bourjois's Healthy Mix range. As a big fan of the HM collection, I was totally behind any dupes that would be a little easier on my purse, so I picked up this Super Boost concealer and decided to give it a shot. The problem with this product is that it only has one little flaw - and if it wasn't for that, I actually would use it all the time and it's a very good concealer. It's creamy, it blends well, it covers well, and it's easy to apply. The problem? It oxidises so badly on me no matter what foundation I've tried it with. Despite looking Casper-pale in the tube, this becomes orange through the day and makes me end up looking like I'm part Oompa-Loompa. Not a good look.


OK so this isn't the worst product in the world. The first issue for me is that I picked the wrong colour. I have this in the shade Macciato which is way too orange for me. I dunno about you guys but good old fashioned, well-lit swatches are how I tend to pick colours for brow and skin products these days, you know, when the product isn't readily available in my local Superdrug, so based on this photo, I chose my shade thinking yes, finally it might be yellow enough to work for me! If I purchased again, I would likely go with the shade up from it, Oats. What tempted me to buy this product in the first place is that I remember seeing somebody liken this to a popular MAC concealer - possibly the Pro Longwear, but I can't remember - and I always love a good, cheap dupe. Whilst the product feels nice and creamy, and is easy to blend, I found that it didn't last too long on me (I paired this with a darker base to try and disguise the orangey-ness), but I do plan to revisit this one and give it a second chance to see if I can make it work - once, you know, I buy a lighter shade. (Also it smells really good with this sweet, light vanilla scent. Very similar to MAC lipsticks).


I haven't tried a whole lot from Stargazer, and what I have tried tends to be very hit and miss. Some lipsticks are great, others not so much, and I didn't like their eyeliner pens at all. Their glitter shakers, however, are fantastic, and I've read great things about some of their eyeshadows. Long before the likes of Jeffree Star launched stunningly coloured liquid lipsticks and way before MUA launched bold blue and purple hues in their Lip Lacquer line, I found myself in need of bright lipsticks but with nowhere to go. Enter Stargazer, a brand I'd found on Amazon as a 16-year-old, and it felt like my prayers were answered. I'd had huge success with a purple shade - 130 - that I adored. It was pigmented, not too slippy nor too drying and was only a few quid. You can imagine my disappointment that this stunning metallic blue gave very little colour payoff, and was very difficult to work with, the formula dry and hard to apply. 


Now, since I bought this foundation at some point in 2016, I've started using a makeup sponge, and I genuinely think that this may help with the application of this foundation. When I first got this raved about product, I was still using my RT Expert Face brush, and I found this to be a little bit orangey and quite cakey. It didn't sit well with me and it certainly didn't give me a glowing or dewy look like I expected. After hearing so many good things about it, I was definitely disappointed - I look forward to using this in the aforementioned 'products I hate' video to see if I've changed my mind now!

Do you agree with any of these or do you love what I've shared here? Let me know in the comments!


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