Wednesday, 6 September 2017

3 Ways to Wear: Culottes

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When culottes first started weaselling their way into the world of fashion, I was wary. In fact, I hated them. But it turns out it was one of those trends that I just hated because it was weird and new, but the more I saw people experimenting with them and styling them to suit their own personal tastes, I began to see the attraction. After all, they're baggy and comfortable, and essentially make a more stylish alternative to the likes of joggers and leggings, but without being as restrictive as the faithful skinny jean. 

I was still wary when I ordered my first pair - a black crepe pair from Boohoo that cost me £15. I was in a rut with my fashion tastes (and still am as I write this mid-August) and needed something new and exciting in the 'bottoms' section of my wardrobe to freshen things up. I figured culottes may be worth a shot, and I'm pretty glad I picked this pair up. The only downside of this specific pair is that they don't have pockets! Which, for £15, is ridic in my opinion. In the future I'd like to try out a black and white striped pair, the blush pink of this pair and maybe another patterned pair - who knows? But for now, these black ones will see me through those days where I want to look casual and cool whilst feeling comfortable. 

At first I had no idea how to style cullotes, so here are three ways in which I often style my own!


how to style culottes, how to wear culottes, culottes,

how to style culottes, how to wear culottes, culottes,

Top: H&M
Jacket: Primark
Shoes: New Look Comfort

As you will soon expect to find with my '3 ways to wear' posts, I chose to incorporate a 'grown-up' option for nights out on the town or date nights, to show you just how versatile this piece is. Culottes look super flattering with a top tucked in, and I think this leopard print cami I got from H&M does the job perfectly - the lace and leopard print are such girly details but channel grunge vibes when paired with the leather jacket. Another reason I think this H&M number fits the bill is that it's not quite slim-fitting, but it's not too baggy, meaning it's the right kind of size for the wide-legged culottes. I chose my pointy black heels because they add sophistication to the outfit IMO. I'd pair this with a bunch of rings and some statement earrings to finish it off.


how to style culottes, how to wear culottes, culottes,

how to style culottes, how to wear culottes, culottes,

Jacket: New Look Petite
Tee: Forever 21
Shoes: Primark

If you're spending the day at the shops or running errands and just want to be comfy, there's nothing cuter than culottes paired with an oversized, grungey denim jacket and a cut-out tee. I'm generally not a fan of the 'choker' trend t-shirts, but I think this one from Forever 21 is perfect because it's just a cut out, and the neck doesn't sit high up and, well, feel like a choker. I paired this with my pretend Old Skool Vans that are £8 from Primark because they are super comfy and are my go-to shoes right now.


how to style culottes, how to wear culottes, culottes,

how to style culottes, how to wear culottes, culottes,

Cardigan: Boohoo
Tee: Monki (old)
Shoes: Primark (old)

Basically pyjamas, but socially acceptable, this outfit is one that I put together specifically for this post but have reached for countless times since. I bought this cute striped tee from Monki when we were in Amsterdam, and it's perfectly oversized. I personally wouldn't style culottes with a long oversized tee unless it was tucked in (due to my height and body shape it would overwhelm and drown me), but leaving this cropped number untucked works well, I think! I chose flats because sometimes I can't be arsed to put on proper shoes, and a big cardigan to keep the outfit feeling casual and cosy. 

Are you a fan of culottes? How do you style yours?


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