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NYX: The Matte Formulas

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I've been a fan of NYX for quite a while now. Before they hit Boots, I used to purchase from their UK website, and now that they have hit my local drugstore, it makes them all the more appealing and easier to get a hold of. 

Now that they're readily available, I've been picking up and testing out quite a few of their products, most notably, of course, their lip formulas. Me being me, there should be no surprise that it's their matte formulas that I'm generally more drawn to than anything else. Today I thought I'd break down for you three of their biggest matte lip formulas and give you the low-down on what's what - and which one is best! 


The Matte Lipstick range by NYX is one that I've only dipped my toe into now and then. As somebody who doesn't really wear straight-up bullet lipsticks that often - and this was something made all the more apparent to me since my initial makeup declutter session -, I haven't really gone out of my way to try out more of these shades, despite the fact that the shade range itself is pretty gorgeous. The collection consists primarily of your usual shades - pinks, reds and nudes - but has bright pops of purple, dark plums and even has a few grey tones in there. So, here's where it gets exciting for me. I picked up the shade Haze on ASOS, and it's by far one of my favourite shades in my collection. It's similar to Stone Fox, the Liquid Suede colour, but doesn't have that annoying formula.

This all said, the formula isn't the most comfortable - being a plain matte lipstick, I do find it to be quite drying. It's not too harsh when applying - I wear mine with a lip liner for an extra barrier of comfort and smoothness - but it does tend to dry out the lips as the day goes by. Even though it's matte, the formula isn't particularly long lasting, no more so than your average lipstick. I also really liked the shade Whipped Caviar, similar to both MAC Faux and Brave! 


This product has had a cult status for years, and it's no wonder why. Soft and creamy to apply, these non-drying liquid lipsticks dry down to a matte finish without the discomfort. That said - it also means that they sacrifice on staying power. Of all the NYX matte lip products in my collection, the biggest portion of this is taken up by this line. At first I wasn't drawn to them, picking up a couple on the recommendation of Beautycrush, now known as Samantha Maria. Then liquid lipsticks became a thing, and I realised how much I liked them, so when I came back to NYX, I started to find the shades that I really enjoyed. As far as I'm aware, NYX were one of the first drugstore brands to start boasting the likes of purple and blue lipsticks, and seem to still lead the way today with bright and colourful eye and lip products alike. I'm a big fan of this formula, and for the price I don't think you can go wrong. I wish they lasted longer than they did, but for nipping out to the shops or heading out to play Pok√©mon Go, this line is low-maintenance enough for me to feel like putting one on. 


The newest line to the NYX lip products, the Lip Lingerie collection took the world by storm when it first launched. At first, I was captivated too by the unique nudes - 90s grunge shades and pale lavender mauves made this line seem right up my street. It wasn't until I looked in my collection and realised I really had all that I needed already, that I decided to take a step back and not get sucked in with the hype. Fast-forward to a few months later when I was searching for an alternative to MAC Stone, a lipstick I wasn't sure would suit me, and I stumbled on - thanks to a fellow blogger on Twitter - the shade 'Teddy'. I promptly picked up the unique grungy brown shade, with a slight greyish tone, and was pleasantly surprised by the formula. I'm not sure if it's specifically this shade or if this is common across the whole line, but I find I do have to wait for the first layer to dry before applying a second coat to get a full, even coverage on my lips. Don't rub your lips together, either, as this tends to remove product altogether rather than transfer it. The formula is soft and comfortable, and feels light on the lips. I find that it wears away better than the Soft Matte Lip Creams, which on me tend to just disappear, whilst the Lip Lingerie hangs around, only wearing off in the centre of my lips after a meal. My one complaint about this product is the awkward, long, flat lip applicators - I do hate them! 

Final verdict? For me, the Soft Matte Lip Creams are The One, in terms of NYX's lip products. I adore the 'Haze' Matte Lipstick for the colour, but I'd prefer a liquid lip formula. And whilst I love the Lip Lingerie formula as it's very comfortable, I really wish they'd expand and do a secondary range that focused on other shades outside of nudes using this same formula. 

What's your favourite NYX matte lip formula?


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