Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Make-Up Brushes for Beginners

There are new brush launches coming out left, right and centre from both the drugstore and high-end brands, so it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start and what's worth picking up, especially when you're new to the world of make-up. Today, I thought I'd share some face and eye brushes that I absolutely adore, all on the affordable side of the spectrum. Most of these come as part of a set, but the sets are definitely worth the money and very purse-friendly.


While I started off with the Buffing Brush that comes part of the original Core Collection released in the very early days of the Real Techniques brand, I'm pretty sure that I prefer this. There aren't any huge differences, and I find both pretty much do the same thing, giving a flawless, buffed-in look to your make-up to make sure your foundation is spread evenly and applied beautifully, with everything blended in. I particularly like this for a dewy make-up look, using it with runnier foundations rather than your heavy, full-coverage kind. A good beginner's tool, the buffing brush is one that you can't go wrong with.


One of the most recent RT brushes to my collection, the deluxe concealer brush is a fluffy, rounded brush that's easy to use. I find it's not so fluffy that it simply buffs product away, but is enough to apply and thoroughly blend the product whilst giving great coverage and a nice even finish. One to be used with your liquid concealers for sure, plus it's small enough to get into all those pesky awkward places like around the nose and under the eyes very easily.


Another fairly new purchase, I don't find the sculpting set to be hugely amazing but I do love the fan brush that comes as part of the set. Before this, I'd been using several different MUA ones that were much thinner and flimsier, and although I still enjoy and use them, I love using a much firmer brush as I don't worry as much about how much product I'm using and I feel like application is much smoother and quicker. I use this solely for my highlighter, but fan brushes are amazing for sweeping away fallout from eyeshadows, so it's worth investing in a couple.


BH Cosmetics have quickly become a firm favourite brand for me. Between their high-quality eyeshadow palettes (which are also mega affordable) to their beautiful brush sets, I feel spoilt for choice and wish they'd been a brand that was accessible to me when I was younger. I've recently purchased two of their brush sets, with one being the BH Chic set. Not only does it look great in photos, but the fluffy and soft bristles are great on the skin. From this set I especially enjoy the powder brush, as it's big and fluffy enough to mattifying my makeup without overdoing it, and I also love the angled brush for contouring as it comes in such a perfect size and shape for the hollows of my cheekbones. The eye brushes are fantastic, and I find myself reaching a lot for the long-bristled, small, fluffy brush for applying eyeshadow onto the lower lash line or deepening up my crease.


My favourite of the two sets aesthetically, the Metal Rose set is the stuff dreams are made of. Sturdy and beautiful, they also come with soft and gentle brush bristles. I use the eye brushes the most out of this set, as it contains a huge range of blending brushes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with a couple of flatter ones too. I particularly like the blending brushes, however, as your needs are covered - whether it's your lower lash line, crease or inner corner, there's something to suit you.


I actually bought several of these brushes as singles, but I can't seem to find them anymore for whatever reason, and instead they come as part of a set which you can find here as part of the 4pc black and silver set - the one I'm talking about is the one with the brown/black bristles. Probably the softest brush I've encountered out of all my eBay brushes, I adore this huge fluffy blending brush as whilst it's too big for actually applying product into the crease, it's perfect for effortlessly diffusing the lines afterwards.


A long time staple in my collection, the E1 is my favourite brush for packing product onto the lid. Firm with perfectly shaped and sized bristles, this super inexpensive brush picks up a ton of colour and makes it easy to transfer the pigment onto your lids. There really isn't a huge amount to say about this one, but it's pretty much the only thing I use for applying colour to my eye lids.

That's all for this post! Are there any brushes that I've missed out here?


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